6 masks for a hair shine in house conditions

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Mask for gloss and growth of hair. For a dessert, video: The recipe of the best mask for a hair shine in house conditions. Comments.-33 # Oksana 26. 07. 2016.

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Today it is considered to be that the real girl and the woman has to have smart and long hair. What does it mean? Of course, length matters a little here, but here healthy locks with gloss and a luster – a beauty standard.

Therefore many women spend sometimes the large sums of money for purchase of various household chemicals, or go to beauty shop where for some thousands of rubles to them carry out short procedure on care of hair. Today we will consider six best house masks for a hair shine.

6 masks for a hair shine in house conditions

The beauty and health of ringlets can achieve in less expensive ways. For example, to apply improvised inexpensive components to preparation of house masks for hair. They differ on structure and a method of application. Each of them is directed on achievement of a certain positive effect.

Recipes of masks for a hair shine

The masks adding gloss are universal and are suitable for all types of hair. The only thing can be distinction in color of ringlets as sometimes it is necessary to add the certain ingredient which isn’t accepted for other shades to structure.

Also it is necessary to make specification in favor of advantage of house masks:

  1. By means of masks you won’t spend spare cash.

  2. You will precisely know structure and you won’t add components on which at you the allergy can be observed.

  3. Besides gloss giving to hair, masks can help to solve to you additional problems with structure of ringlets.

6 masks for a hair shine in house conditions

Therefore the best recipes of masks bearing in themselves not only useful effect for gloss giving, but also some other properties for improvement of structure and a general view of ringlets will be submitted to you.

Mask for gloss and smoothness of hair

To give smoothness to hair not so simply. Often usual shampoos of similar effect you won’t achieve, and it is economically unprofitable to use cosmetic services in beauty shops. It is possible to find a way out and to prepare useful mix which will bring structure of a hair into a healthy and appropriate look.

The mask will require the following ingredients:
  • edible gelatin – take a component tablespoon for a basis and definitions of a dosage;
  • warm boiled water – 20 ml;
  • suitable hair balm – 10 ml.

For a start it is necessary to dissolve gelatin by rules. He is killed in warm water and carefully mixed that it wasn’t formed lumps. At once after hashing pour in balm. To distribute the received mix on all length and to leave almost for an hour. Thus on the head it is recommended to dress a polyethylene hat and to wind it with a big terry towel.

Such mask for gloss giving to hair can be used every week or even two times in 7 days, everything depends on an external condition of hair. The main condition in preparation of this mix – to watch amount of balm. It is applied only as the assistant to elimination of a mask to the best and simple washing off here.

Mask for gloss and volume

The mask for gloss of dark hair can significantly differ on composition of ingredients. For example, for giving of gloss and volume to light ringlets it is necessary to mix such components as two tablespoons of the honey which is warmed up on a water bath and a castor oil tablespoon. After mixing of components, apply structure on roots and distribute on all head. Leave for 40 minutes and wash away.

If the girl has dark hair, it is better for it to resort to preparation of such structure where two tablespoons of cocoa powder act as useful ingredients. It is filled in with milk (1/4 glasses), warmed up before full dissolution of cocoa. Add a yolk of egg and two tablespoons of cognac to structure. Mix is mixed carefully and distributed on all to length of hair, leaving for an hour. It is possible to cover the head a towel. After time the mask is washed away. We will apply this recipe only to ringlets of dark shades. If you wish to paint light locks, you can use the presented mask as natural paint.

Mask for gloss and strengthening

Some means for a hair shine are so simple in preparation that don’t demand special podgotovka. So, for example, to prepare a universal mask for gloss giving to hair and their strengthening it is possible with use of only one egg. Take one yolk and mix with a drop of the shampoo suitable for you. Mix structure and you apply on roots of hair only a half, carrying out small massage of the head. Wash away structure from the head and distribute the rest at all length. Slightly make foam structure on hair, and then wash away, using suitable balm.

Mask for gloss and growth of hair

Use the same egg yolks for gloss giving to hair and stimulation of their growth. Shake up two yolks in foam, separately kindle two tablespoons of honey on a water bath. Mix both prepared a component. Rub part of structure in head skin, distribute other part on all length. Leave mix for half an hour, it is possible not to cover the head a towel. Wash away water without use of shampoo and balm.

Mask for gloss and softness

Recipes of house masks may contain application only of one product. So, for giving of gloss and softness to hair, it is possible to use low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt, without fruit additives and fragrances. Apply a product on ringlets and leave for half an hour. Then wash out the head the shampoo and balm suitable for your hair. (Other swept-away masks for hair)

Also it is possible to add coconut oil to sour cream. On a tablespoon of oil three tablespoons of dairy product are required. Mix is applied on head skin and locks, covered a terry towel and left for half an hour. Then wash away shampoo.

Mask for gloss and silkiness

The recipe of a mask for gloss and silkiness includes the following components:

  • freshly squeezed juice of an aloe or acquired in a drugstore – 1 ampoule;
  • on 1 ampoule of B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 vitamins;
  • the used balm suitable for your type of hair – 2 tablespoons.

The listed vitamins can be got in a drugstore without recipe. Their cost which is quite accepted for the average person. All components mix in balm and apply on hair after washing. To keep this peculiar mask a quarter of hour and to wash away warm water.

Video – the recipe for a hair shine the hands

Reviews of application of masks for gloss

Oksana, 20

I have long thick hair. There is a wish to achieve gloss and smoothness after one washing of the head, and there is no wish to spend finance for keratin straightening. I used a mask with use of gelatin. Very much suited me, hair now, as at girls from advertizing.

Ekaterina, 33

I began to notice a hair loss two years ago. I started using masks with egg. Locks not only ceased to drop out, but also their appearance considerably improved.

Tatyana, 23

For softness of hair, besides masks, I use structure with lemon juice. Liter of boiled warm water and tablespoon of lemon juice. To mix and rinse hair after the main washing. Hair gain gloss and softness.

For a dessert, video: The recipe of the best mask for a hair shine in house conditions

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