9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

By | 27.03.2018

The fashion on hairdresses and a hair color is changeable and often changes, but health and a hair shine is a trend which is actual at all times. Home Beauty Leaving ha hair of 9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine.

The fashion on hairdresses and a hair color is changeable and often changes, but health and a hair shine is a trend which is actual at all times.

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

 Why hair shine? The matter is that the healthy hair has a smooth surface which well reflects light. Certainly, a lot of things depend on structure. So, direct locks always seem more brilliant in comparison with curly, and on ringlets of a dark shade gloss is swept up better, than on the blond.

On what depends?

However quite often girls notice that their hair became dim, lifeless, began to be confused more. Such signs say that the cuticle of a hair is in bad condition.

If to consider a hair under a microscope, it is possible to see that it is covered with scales which block each other, like fish scales or plates on a fir cone. At a healthy hair of a plate densely adjoin to a core therefore the hair has smooth structure and well reflects light.

And time for itself favourite is enough for you?

Yes, of course! No, simply trouble!

At adverse effects or the wrong leaving the structure of a hair changes, scales disperse aside, as on the old cone of which seeds dropped out. In this case gloss it isn’t observed, moreover, hair become more fragile, they are often confused and look lifelessly.

Gloss loss reasons

Most often, the wrong leaving is the main reason for loss of gloss:

  • frequent use of the hair dryer and high-temperature methods of laying (iron, curling iron);
  • rough combing (especially wet hair), use of metal hairbrushes;

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

  • stay in dry air (for example, in the heated room during the winter period), lack of protection against an ultraviolet;
  • chemical influence (coloring, wave, straightening);
  • application of too large number of laying means.

How to restore a hair shine?

To return to the locks natural gloss, it will be necessary to approach the solution of this task in a complex. First, to provide the correct leaving, secondly, fully to eat and drink a lot of water that in an organism there was no lack of moisture. Besides, such means as a mask for a hair shine will help.

Of course, various ready masks can quite be got in shop of cosmetics today, but many girls prefer to use national recipes. This option is good that exclusively natural substances while at store masks always there are artificial additives and preservatives are used.

Rules of carrying out procedures

That house masks for a hair shine yielded desirable result, it is necessary to carry out procedures correctly. Here basic rules:

  • planning the first time to use a mask, be convinced that in its structure there are no components which can cause allergic reaction. Make the simple test in house conditions, apply the prepared structure on skin behind an ear or on a wrist. If in an hour – one and a half negative reactions (reddenings, an itch and so forth) aren’t present, it is possible to use safely chosen recipe;

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

  • it is necessary to prepare structures from products of room temperature so it is necessary to take all components of their refrigerator in advance. And vegetable oils and bee honey which often are parts of medical masks, it is necessary to warm up previously a little, having brought them to temperature about 40 degrees, it is no more;
  • that the mask adding gloss to hair worked, it is necessary to apply the prepared structure on all head – on roots, on length and on tips;
  • for activization of the nutrients entering a mask, the head needs to be warmed, that is to wrap up hair a polyethylene film, and then to put on a cap or to make on the head similarity of a turban of a scarf or a thick terry towel. Time of carrying out procedure, as a rule, makes 40 minutes if in the recipe it isn’t specified differently;
  • it is necessary to wash away structures warm, but, not, hot water. For washing off it is better to use special shampoos and balms with a mark “for gloss giving”. In addition the lock can rinse with broths of herbs. For the blond the camomile or mint, will be ideally suited for brunettes – oak bark or a nettle. It is possible to use for rinsing broth from a peel of apples or lemon water;

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

  • p it is necessary to rovodit procedures regularly, the most optimum frequency – twice a week. If the mask is done for prevention, it is possible to carry out procedures less often – two-three times a month.

There are various recipes of masks for a hair shine, and, the majority of structures works in a complex, they not only give to locks smoothness, but also solve other problems.

Fermented milk products

It is the simplest option of a mask, it consists of only one component – fat kefir or house curdled milk. It is easily possible to prepare curdled milk independently, having warmed up whole milk to 40 degrees and having added to it sour cream (a spoon on half of liter). To stir and leave in heat at some o’clock.

Fermented milk product needs to be put on hair partings, rubbing in roots, then accurately to distribute on all locks. Hair have to be plentifully moistened. That kefir didn’t flow down, it is necessary to put on a cap for a shower or to cover them with the cut package. Such procedure promotes not only to return of gloss, but also silkiness of locks as it well humidifies.

Lemon and sour cream

These two products aren’t too well combined among themselves to taste, but from them the effective mask turns out. It will be necessary to wring out and filter juice from a lemon and to prepare fresh sour cream with fat content not less than 20%. On each two tablespoons of sour cream one teaspoon of juice will be required. To mix everything and to put as well as when using a mask from kefir.

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

If dry, not refined corn oil is recommended to add locks to structure, oils take as much, how many and juice.

Henna and kefir

Henna is excellent means for giving of gloss and strengthening of locks. Certainly, it is necessary to use not painting henna, and colourless, otherwise, the result will be very unexpected, especially if hair are painted or light by nature.

(Depending on length of locks) we pour out two-three spoons of henna in a bowl and we part with kefir so that the weight similar on a consistence to a cosmetic milk turned out. We put it by the rules stated above.

Yolk and apple cider vinegar

Structures with egg as yolks are a fine means for softness giving are very popular. And the additive of apple cider vinegar will promote gloss finding.

It is necessary to use only apple cider vinegar, at all, not to take acetic essence. Otherwise it is possible to get burn of skin and to spoil hair.

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

 The quantity of yolks is defined by length of locks. If a hairstyle to shoulders, it is necessary to take two pieces. On each yolk take on a vinegar spoon, all mix. It is desirable to wash away without use of shampoo.

House lamination of hair

For giving of ideal smoothness and additional volume it is worth preparing simple structure with gelatin. The quantity of components is defined by length of locks. For a short hairstyle it is enough to take a gelatin tablespoon. To fill in powder with a quarter of a glass of cold water, to allow to stand before swelling. Then to warm up before dissolution, without allowing liquid boiling up.

Then to add a spoon of ready balm which is usually used for rinsing of hair to the prepared solution. Everything is stirred, distributed on locks (in roots we don’t rub!).

Honey and onions

One more structure which prepares from, apparently, not combined products. At first it is necessary to prepare juice from onions. It is simplest to crush the cleared bulb in the blender as when using a grater it is necessary to cry. Then to place gruel in the gauze folded double and to wring out juice.

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

 Honey is warmed up so that it became more liquid (if use the candied product), mix with glycerin. Then pour in juice. All three ingredients take in equal volume. If the hairstyle short, is enough to take on a spoon of each component of structure.

Honey and aloe

One more mask for a hair shine with honey prepares with addition of fresh juice of an aloe and castor oil. As well as in the previous recipe, all components take in equal quantities. Castor oil is warmed up together with honey, in warm structure pour in the juice received from plant leaves.

Mix of oils

Well the structure prepared with burdock oil, castor oil and oil of an olive smoothes hair. All three oils mix, warm up and in heat a look apply on locks and on roots. It is possible to hold such mask some hours and even to do it for the night.

That to wash away structure from hair, it is worth using method of “dry soaping”. On a lock, without moistening them with water, apply the foam which is shaken up from shampoo in the palms moistened with water. Distribute foam on hair, mass, wash away. The second time is washed out by locks in the usual way.


Effectively returns gloss to the grown dull locks the most usual mayonnaise. Of course, best of all not to buy this sauce in shop, and to prepare his houses. The recipe of preparation of mayonnaise is simple if it prepares only for drawing on hair, it is possible to do without salt, sugar and other spices. Instead of prepared mustard it is worth putting dry powder and if locks dry, this component is excluded.

9 best recipes of house masks for a hair shine

 It is necessary to shake up a yolk, having added a floor of a tea spoon of mustard, then, without stopping beatings pouring in the 100th vegetable oil which isn’t refined it is possible to take corn, sunflower, olive. To pour in oil not at once, and a thin stream. Then to add lemon juice (teaspoon). The ready structure is applied on roots and on length of locks, to hold not less than an hour. Such mask is especially effective if to do it in a sauna.

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