Hair color of the child: it is easy to learn

By | 12.05.2018

What can be a hair color at the child? The baby who was just born, can shock the mummy with color of the hair. Sometimes happens so that parents have dark hair, and the kid can have a light down on the head.

The baby who was just born, can shock the mummy with color of the hair. Sometimes happens so that parents have dark hair, and the kid can have a light down on the head. Actually, the hair color of the child at the birth still doesn’t speak about anything. As a rule, the hair color changes gradually.

That occurs till the birth …

Interesting is that fact that else being in a tummy at mother, on the head of the kid there is a growth and a hair loss in amniotic waters, such volosik are called lanugo. Structure of these first hair not such, as at the usual. They are much thinner, and they have no follicles. At the child’s birth lanugo can remain on his head or completely drop out. Parents shouldn’t focus especially attention on quality of a down on the head of the baby. In most cases on external signs of the first hair of the child it is impossible to judge what they will become in the future. Lanugo completely disappears from the child’s head by 3-4 months, and on their place there is a growth of stronger volosik.

The shade of hair of the child if it doesn’t coincide with one of carriers of genes can be huge surprising to parents. As it was told above, to draw conclusions still early enough. In the period of a growing of the kid also the hair color at the child changes. Their shade can, both to brighten, and to darken. By the way, that shade of hair which the child will have in the future, is put in mother’s womb, at the genetic level.

Hair color of the child: it is easy to learn

There are two types of pigmentation of hair: эumelanin and feomelanin. The first of them influences result of dark shades of hair, and another – in the answer for light and red. How further these two pigments will interact among themselves, depends on genes. Process of development of pigments happens at the expense of melanotsit, cages which are programmed even before appearance of the kid on light. This process can’t prevent and influence it too in any way. Process of change of a hair color can be dragged out to younger school age, there are cases, as before puberty of the child.

Scientists drew a conclusion that influence of a feomelanin is responsible for red shades of hair.

It should be noted that such factors as transferring of a stress, insufficient receiving nutrients can influence work of melanotsit and as a result — there will be a failure. The gray hair, appeared too early, will also be an indicator of such failure in the child’s organism. However, this process isn’t connected with cell aging in any way. Therefore to build any assumptions of how the shade of hair at the child will exchange, it is impossible. Also such option is possible that the hair color can won’t change at all during the child’s life, and remains such as at his birth.

How to learn what will be …

Some parents who are in expectation of the first-born, can’t wait to define a hair color at the child. In principle it is real if you understand a little laws of genetics. For this purpose it won’t even be required to undergo any procedures.

So, there are 5 factors as to predict it, namely:

  • The hair color of future child depends on set of genes of mother and the father. It should be noted that genes happen either prepotent or recessive, i.e. poorly expressed and strongly expressed. The strongest, prepotent genes dominate over weak, recessive genes, thus, to the moments of origin of new life are transferred to future kid. So, if the father is the carrier of a strong gene of hair, also his children will be to inherit this gene.
  • In that case if the father, and mother are carriers of prepotent and recessive genes, the result of their fight can’t be predicted. And here genes of the previous generations can play an important role, influencing result. In this case about a hair color of future child it will be possible to do assumptions only approximately.

Hair color of the child: it is easy to learn

  • You can predict an outcome of strong or weak genes as follows. If you are the owner of brown or green eyes with a normal indicator of coagulability of blood or you have a tendency to a sudden hair loss, it concerns men then you have strong genes. For weak genes existence of a straight hair, lack of pigmentation of integuments and a negative Rhesus factor of blood is characteristic.
  • It is impossible to forget that such science as the genetics, doesn’t give exact calculations for 100%. With its help it is possible to define only the most probable options, exact calculation won’t come out. As it was told above, genes of the previous generations influence and are transferred to future kid. Thus, apparently, parents dark-haired, and the child can be born ryzhenkiya. And then it becomes clear that the great-grandfather was red hair too. Such can often occur when you are in expectation of the first child. So, the probability of a hair color of the child depends on all, including distant relatives.
  • It is worth remembering that changes in color of hair can happen on an extent 5let the child. Its hair color can change several times, and can remain invariable. As a rule, the shade of hair can change in the first two years of life of the child, and finish the formation by 5 years.

IMPORTANT! In the teenager’s organism the period of puberty happens to approach changes of level of testosterone that in turn it can be reflected in change of a hair color.

We determine by data of parents …

Quite often happens so that young parents start conducting dispute on what features will dominate in their future child. It is better not to argue, and to try to understand fundamentals of genetics. What is the genes how they are combined among themselves and how have impact on external data of the child?
The gene is a part of a molecule of DNA which keeps and transfers hereditary information. But, it is important to note that not all set of genes is descended. Here, for example, the specific person is the squint gene carrier, but it doesn’t mean that he has certain problems with sight. Together the taken genes of specifically taken person call everything a genotype. And, already, based on it, process of formation of a phenotype – a set, the transferred genes begins.

It is possible to calculate a hair color of the child in principle. Generally at future kid the strongest, prepotent genes will be shown. So, for example, the gene of light shades of hair is weak, recessive. For this reason, it is quite difficult to meet people with very light natural shade of hair on the street.

Lines which are caused by strong, prepotent genes are:

  1. Big, expressive eyes
  2. Chubby lips
  3. Dark hair color, and also curly hair
  4. Brown eyes
  5. Small growth
  6. Dark shade of skin
  7. Freckles
  8. Good hearing
  9. Pravorukost.

Carry to recessive genes:

  1. Blue or green eyes
  2. Thin lips
  3. Light shade of hair
  4. Straight hair
  5. Light skin
  6. High growth
  7. Levorukost.

What interaction happens between genes? Not in all absolutely cases it happens so that strong genes suppress the weak. Therefore it is necessary to take in attention not only external data of parents, but also the previous generations of a sort. The hair color of the child depends on all above the listed factors.


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