The brunette is what hair color

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The special pigment melanin is responsible for a color of our hair. The combination of its types, and also density of its arrangement in structure of locks define a coloring saturation. Actually.

The special pigment melanin is responsible for a color of our hair. The combination of its types, and also density of its arrangement in structure of locks define a coloring saturation. Actually, it is possible to call most of people on the planet brunettes, it would be possible to see it distinctly if there were no chemical dyes. Dark-haired women differ from each other in a shade of the ringlets, besides, at various lighting tone can change in insignificant degree. Sometimes among locks of black color it is possible to see brownish or reddish hairs. As a result it is quite often difficult to understand, the brunette this woman or the brown-haired woman. Let’s try understand subtleties of these shades, and also precisely to define, the brunette is what hair color.

The brunette is what hair color

In traditional representation the brunette is a woman with black hair, rather swarty or olive skin and dark, usually brown, eyes. But the range of this color of ringlets is much wider – it varies from pronounced black tone (sometimes even with bluish outflow) to the dark brown.

In general, all palette it is possible to present sets of the following kolor in the form:

  • the coffee
  • the dark-chestnut
  • color of dark or bitter chocolate
  • the dark-chestnut
  • the black
  • color of “a voronovy wing”

It is considered that owners of a dark head of hear possess a number of advantages:

  • dark tone gives to a head of hear the visual volume and shine, and also distracts attention from the damaged and dim locks
  • dark-haired easily are able to afford a bright and saturated make-up which thus will look pertinently and harmoniously on their face
  • hair of a dark color perfectly shade and emphasize a snow-white smile, and also give expressiveness to a look
  • visually the person in combination with black ringlets looks growing thin more nobly

Types of brunettes

That the image was harmonious, it is important to pick up truly a shade of dark color, considering the tone of face skin and color of an iris of the eye of eyes. In this regard it is accepted to allocate brunettes of two types: cold and warm.

The brunette is what hair color

Cold type

Cold shades of the black can be diluted with the following paints:

  • the grayish
  • the ashy
  • the silvery

Such type of women reminds the fantastic Snow White – differ in visible fragility and vulnerability. Skin at them usually light, sometimes even porcelain, or with a subtle olive shade. And eyes, as a rule, have blue or gray color.

The brunette is what hair color

Warm (hot) type

In this case in a black color of a head of hear it is possible to notice such paints:

  • reddish or reddish
  • the chocolate
  • the chestnut
  • the golden

Locks are perfectly combined with rather swarty skin on which there can sometimes be small freckles. Eyes at such women have a brown color, color of a dark nut or amber more often, green or gray-green eyes sometimes meet.

How to distinguish the brunette from the brown-haired woman

The brunette is what hair color

If to distinguish the blonde from the dark-haired girl absolutely simply, to understand a difference where the brown-haired woman and the brunette, happens difficult. And concepts have similar linguistic roots, after all in translation from French the word “chataigne” means a chestnut, and “brun” — dark, brown.

Often also consider that the dark brown-haired woman is practically the brunette, but do it absolutely in vain as the difference between these tones of hair after all is. It is accepted to carry owners of black or bluish-black ringlets, and also women with a dark-chestnut head of hear to brunettes. The brown-haired woman has hair chestnut-colored or fair-haired, and also locks of chestnut tones (except the most dark paint).

Color of a head of hear is predetermined by the nature – in an organism of dark-haired girls the level of a man’s hormone of testosterone higher, than at the others. Besides, they have least of all a hair: at the brunette on the head 100 thousand hairs are on average, at the brown-haired woman their quantity makes 110 thousand. But thus women with a black head of hear differ in thicker and strong ringlets.

Bright, fatal, hot and sexual – these epithets we often call brunettes, after all such color of ringlets usually is associated with mysteriousness and emotionality, along with nobility and determination. Besides, the dark color of a head of hear was considered as an appeal standard throughout all 19th century though he doesn’t give in and today – many film stars and “star” beauties have just ringlets of black tones.

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