Burdock oil for growth of hair

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Burdock oil for growth of hair is the most widespread means on leaving. How it can be used as a mask and how it helps for density? Recipes and responses.

Burdock oil for growth of hair

For girls it is important to be beautiful. One of the main elements of beauty is a healthy, dense head of hear. Now all is more difficult to achieve health of hair – lack of time for leaving, the bad ecology and avitaminosis do the part: head skin is shelled and zhirnitsya, and ringlets become dim and thin.

Oil from roots of a usual burdock, on the properties, appears, not absolutely simple. The extraction from a burdock possesses for hair salutary force – prevents damages, restores available, feeds and protects fragile cores of hair.

But its most important salutary property for ringlets is positive influence on growth of hair.


Burdock oil is unique on the influence: the epithelium of the head recovers from skin diseases, its water-salt balance is normalized, and hair become stronger and become more dense. It is connected with a large amount of nutrients in structure.

Means accelerates growth of ringlets at the expense of polyvitamins and active acids which terms influence deep layers and activate exchange processes. The fatty exchange is adjusted also the epidermis inclined to excess release of fat becomes normal on type.

Thanks to tannins passes dandruff, and seborrhea disappears. Antiseptic properties of oil are capable to work wonders – shit is sated with salutary bacteria which help to remove toxins, and to strengthen roots of hair.

Cosmetic oil actively influences growth of a head of hear. When using special masks, hair can grow on three centimeters for some weeks.

Besides, vyzhy from a burdock promotes food and moistening at the same time. Means can be used even for prevention – hair get a luster, become soft and obedient.

Oil can be used as the natural rectifier – at its regular application, it is possible to make ringlets smooth and to restore even very serious damages after a chemical wave or painting.

Active agents in structure:

  • flavonoids – active agents which sate hair with useful components, accustom to drinking the whipped tips;
  • fatty acids – strengthen a hair core, interfere with a hair loss;
  • flying air – gets into deep layers of epidermis, restores and supports an oxygen exchange between fabrics. Are capable to remove toxins;
  • salts of mineral type – moisten head skin and get into a hair core, detaining in it moisture. Thus, ringlets become live and humidified;
  • vitamins A, E, C and groups B – working together, strengthen blood circulation, promote restoration of a sheeting of hair. Thanks to it there is an elasticity and natural gloss.
  • inulin – polysaccharide which being absorbed in epidermis, removes heavy metals and toxins. At the expense of it the natural barrier terms amplifies and work of sebaceous glands is restored;
  • protein components – participate in synthesis of proteins (construction material for new cages and fibers), so, they strengthen growth of new hair, do them stronger and thicker. Ideally for the weakened and fine hair;
  • tannins – natural components of antiseptic, antimicrobic type. Clean pores, improve appearance of hair. Also accelerate exchange processes. At interaction with other substances, interfere with developing of dandruff.

How to use

Burdock oil can be applied differently: as masks in pure form to add to shampoo and the looking after means behind hair, to use in an aromaraschesyvaniye and special compresses. We will sort each of ways separately.

Masks on the basis of burdock extract, are maintained on a head of hear not less than an hour, before it are warmed by a towel and a special hat. In undiluted option it is used as medicinal lotion for density of ringlets and strengthening of roots. Thanks to completely natural structure, children can use it, at dandruff and treatment of skin diseases of the head. Oil has no contraindications.

If oil is unpleasant to the child, then means can be added on some drops to shampoo – thanks to a neutral smell, use won’t be noticed even.

Application of a burdock substratum is shown also to men at an aromaraschesyvaniye. Such way helps to warn baldness, promotes acceleration of growth of a head of hear and eliminates a skin itch.

It is possible to use oil on a face. At skin diseases (rash, eels), reddenings, pigmentary spots the compress with burdock oil perfectly works – all defects are eliminated for some applications, and skin starts shining from within. Besides, tone is leveled and work of sebaceous glands is restored. If skin fat – production of fat decreases if shit it is overdried, oil feeds and sates cages with moisture.

Oil is used at the following problems of head skin and a hair:

  • thermal injuries of hair – thanks to vitamins, oil of a burdock is capable to envelop each hair and to protect from an overheat and damages. Besides, cures split ends, and structural destructions of a core;
  • dehydration – the active agents participating in exchange processes, I take moisture from a surface, and deliver in deep layers of cages. Thanks to mineral salts, moisture keeps inside;
  • the increased dryness of an integument, peeling – is eliminated thanks to nutritious components. The effect is swept up through some applications;
  • dandruff, seborrhea – antiseptics of natural type (tannins) eliminate in the best way diseases. Prevent their emergence;
  • the chemical wave, painting of hair – profound changes of hair, at the expense of fatty acids, gradually begin to live, thanks to activization of the regenerating functions in cages;
  • plentiful confluence of a head of hear – polysaccharides accelerate growth and generate new fabrics, and at the expense of proteins roots of hair become stronger;
  • the subtlety and fragility – mineral connections thicken and cover with a protective cover each hair. Structural changes becomes less;
  • the irritation – is eliminated, head skin calms down at the expense of natural vitamins of group B;
  • fat type of head skin – exchange processes in cages are normalized due to acceleration of water-salt balance, toxins are removed, and a time opens;
  • baldness – at complex treatment and application of masks on the basis of oil, new hairs start growing.


All masks, on the basis of burdock oil, possess above-mentioned properties. Changing components and hold time, it is possible to strengthen or weaken that, or other effect. We will consider the best and effective structures.

Compress on the basis of oil of a burdock and mustard

The structure is used on hair, for activation of their growth.

To connect some spoons of burdock oil to a yolk, to add couple of spoons of mustard powder and as much sugar. To mix everything to homogeneous mass and right at the end to pour in 15 ml of warm water. To apply on skin the head with the smooth, massage movements, to distribute on hair. It is possible to use a brush. To wrap ringlets under a hat and to warm atop a towel. To hold a mask on hair it is so much, how many it will be required – not less than 30 minutes. But it is impossible to leave it for the night, because of too active components. At regular use, hair grow on three centimeters a month.

Mask with pepper

The structure stimulates growth of new hair, strengthens roots and restores blood circulation.

It is necessary to mix burdock oil (20 ml) with pepper extract (5 ml), to add a yolk then properly to mix components. To distribute on ringlets and to rub head skin in roots. At the expense of extract of pepper can create effect of a warm compress. To tie hair in a small knot and to hide under a polyethylene hat. To wait half an hour and to wash away shampoo. For the best action, means needs to be applied on hair two times a week within 30 days.

Aromaraschesyvaniye with kastorovy extract

For removal of irritation, restoration of smoothness and gloss, it is necessary to use an easy way of putting oils after each washing of the head: to apply not two-three drops of castor oil and a burdock concentrate on a wooden hairbrush then to comb it slightly dried ringlets. For an oily hair it is possible to use such method once a week. For the dry – several times in seven days.

Treatment of baldness

For prevention and healing of high temples, it is possible to apply such recipe: to pound some tablets of Dimeksid (medicine for treatment of baldness) and to mix them with several spoons of oil of the burdock which is previously warmed up on a water bath. To add a spoon of a sea-buckthorn concentrate and a drop of pink air. After Dimeksid is dissolved, it is necessary to put and smoothly to rub the received weight in head skin. It is better if atop there is a special hat and a towel. To hold means on ringlets about forty minutes. Then to wash away shampoo or soap solution.

Fast masks

To support health of hair, it is possible to use pure oil which at first should be applied on roots of hair, and then to distribute on all length. It is necessary to impregnate with extract tips of hair carefully. And in an hour to wash away with shampoo several times.

For increase in density and to gloss giving to a head of hear, it is necessary to mix a burdock concentrate with several drops of orange air. It is necessary to apply such structure on hair, and then on roots. It is necessary to hold a mask 30 minutes.

It is also possible to prepare the hands the mask normalizing a fatty exchange between cells of head skin. It is necessary to mix two spoons of extract of a burdock with a lemon juice spoon, to add some drops scarlet belief and a drop of santalaceous oil. To apply on roots of hair, and on a head of hear to use pure oil. To leave a mask for 60 minutes then to wash away by a contrast method, alternating warm and cold streams of water.

Rating of the best

As the best recipes with burdock oil for growth by right reckon with red pepper, or addition of other active extracts. To understand, oil how exactly works, it is necessary to know that:

  • extracts of a lemon, orange, juniper and pine best of all are suitable for fat head skin. Extract of pepper belongs here. Flying air of a pink and santalaceous tree strengthens antiseptic effect of a burdock;
  • essential oils of a rose, anise and lavender in connection with a burdock vyzhim perfectly calm and nourish the angry and dry head skin, and also hair;

Fine burdock oil of a cold extraction is presented by domestic brands: Evalar and House doctor. The first company is characterized by completely natural and safe way of production of a product, and the second keeps the maximum advantage of a substratum.

Most of producers let out the whole series with burdock oil, enriched with additional extracts. For example, Mirrolla has means with a camomile – calms, with red pepper – stimulates growth, with extract jojoba – renders double food and restoration, with propolis – possesses strong antiseptic action. Also, in a series there is an oil with propolis and a nettle.


As burdock oil is one of the main discussed means, it is worth emphasizing that responses always the positive. The concentrate has the curing effect anyway. As girls explain, it is better to apply a burdock substratum at once with additives – to those who saves money and the time, it is ideal option. For example, acceleration of growth of hair after application of two or three compresses on the basis of a burdock and extract of red pepper is noted.

Often girls comment that at head skin diseases, they were helped by only burdock oil, however the effect was shown not at once – after a monthly course of treatment.

Besides, pleasant improvement of the general condition of hair is reached at the expense of a simple aromaraschesyvaniye and if to add to it still compresses on the basis of Dimeksid, it is possible to make hair more dense.

However there is small minus as explain some: at long use, ringlets get used to oil and start becoming soiled quickly. In that case, it is necessary to stop use of oil for some time.

Even more about burdock oil you can learn from the following video.

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