Camphor hair oil: a mask for growth

By | 02.05.2018

Not to everyone it is allowed to have since the birth a beautiful and voluminous hair. What it is necessary to undertake that they looked healthy and well-groomed? To look after them. To receive desirable result – it is necessary us.

Not to everyone it is allowed to have since the birth a beautiful and voluminous hair. What it is necessary to undertake that they looked healthy and well-groomed? To look after them. To receive desirable result — we should spend a lot of time, money and forces.

Not always expensive and widely advertized means on care of hair bring notable benefit. You shouldn’t neglect simple and available means which can use in house conditions.

Recently not only therapists, but also cosmetologists paid attention to camphor hair oil.

Means represents transparent liquid with a light-yellowish shade. Has a characteristic yarkovyrazhenny smell.

In house conditions it is applied generally to prevention and treatment of otitis, inflammatory processes of muscles, healing of decubituses, treats catarrhal diseases and arthritises.

It proved as means with the fine drying and warming properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties of camphor in a complex with other effects allowed to apply oil to treatment of hair. Means accelerates blood circulation at the local level, and it in turn helps for growth and restores a metabolism.

Camphor oil contains such substances, as:

  • Camphor. Possesses the calming property, perfectly copes with seborrhea.
  • Safrol. Possesses antibacterial and protivospalitelny properties.
  • Tsineol. Possesses the rejuvenating properties, helps for growth of new cages.
  • Pinene. Possesses properties of restoration, locks become smooth.
  • Camphene. Regenerates and restores the brittle thinned hair.
  • Fellandren. Activization of development is promoted collagenic, by the elastinovykh of fibers.
  • Bisabolol and citrene. Sate a hair color, restore gloss.

For treatment and restoration, and also head skin camphor hair oil is used as a basis for masks and shampoos.

It is necessary to notice that in the presence on the head of wounds and scratches it is necessary to refrain from procedures with use of camphor — it possesses the irritating property.

To reach the maximum effect — combine camphor hair oil with other types of oils, supplement with natural natural components.

The antiseptic, drying and calming properties of camphor are most effective at treatment of an oily hair. But don’t refuse use of camphor if you have dry hair with split ends — simply reduce number of procedures and increase intervals in time between carrying out.

Mask for an oily hair

Shaking up an egg yolk, we will add a teaspoon of this product and 2 tablespoons of kefir or curdled milk.

We apply mix on clean dry hair. We cover a plastic bag, we wrap up with a towel. In 15 minutes to wash away with use of shampoo.

The mask brings process of release of skin fat into norm.

Mask for dry hair

We take the identical volume (1 Art. of l) of kastorovy and burdock oils, we add 1 h. spoon of the camphor.

We mix, gradually adding the shaken-up egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey and cognac. Again we will mix and we add 4-5 drops of vitamin A in solution. We apply mix on dry hair, we maintain about 40 minutes. We wash away warm water with use of shampoo. The mask treats split ends, feeds hair.

The moistening mask

For preparation it is required:

In three tablespoons of the warm strong made green tea to part 3 Art. of l of white cosmetic clay, we don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of camphor oil. To apply on roots, to distribute evenly at all length. To sustain 20 minutes, to wash away in the usual way.

The mask well clears and moistens hair.

Camphor hair oil: a mask for growth

For strengthening and acceleration of growth of hair

Carefully to shake up an egg yolk. There to add 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 h. l camphor and to steam of drops of oil beat. To add to structure 1 h. l of tincture of burning red pepper. To rub structure in head skin, to wrap up a film and to warm a towel. To sustain 30 minutes, to wash away with use of shampoo.

For achievement of result it is enough to execute ten procedures — isn’t more often than one-two times a week.

Some councils for application of camphor masks
  • The volume of all structures is counted on ringlets of average length so if necessary the quantity of components of a mask needs to be reduced or increased in proportion.
  • Be not afraid of a strong smell — it quickly disappears.
  • Don’t use means in pure form — the high probability to get burn. Don’t forget to add the softening and moistening components.
  • The mask for hair has to be dense on a consistence. At hit in eyes — immediately wash out clear water.
  • Wash away a mask warm water with use of shampoo. Then surely rinse with decoction from a camomile, a root of a burdock or a nettle. If there was no grass collecting — use lemon or acetic solution.
  • Masks with camphor oil are contraindicated to people who have diseases of lungs and a hypertension. Masks at pregnancy, an allergy and epilepsy are completely excluded.

The mask with use of camphor oil will help you to strengthen hair and will stop their loss. Simply find the option of a mask.

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