Essential oil of cinnamon for hair: councils for application and recipes

By | 02.05.2018

Why essential oil of cinnamon is considered the best means for growth of hair? loading. From cinnamon, an evergreen tree of the tropical. Useful properties of oil of cinnamon for hair. Anything it is surprising in that effect which renders essential oil of cinnamon on hair, no.

From cinnamon, an evergreen tree of tropical zones, develop the fragrant, concentrated, useful essential oil of cinnamon which is actively used in cosmetology. This means especially will be pleasant to those to whom bothered to torture ringlets store chemistry and there is a wish to indulge them with something qualitative, rather natural. In that case try cinnamon hair oil: trichologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend it to use for treatment of the locks weakened, stood in growth. At regular application the situation cardinally changes: hair start growing, cease to drop out and split, gain gloss and additional volume. How such it is possible?

Essential oil of cinnamon for hair: councils for application and recipes Essential oil of cinnamon — one of those means which not only are useful to hair, but also possess pleasant aroma

Useful properties of oil of cinnamon for hair

Anything it is surprising in that effect which renders essential oil of cinnamon on hair, no. Its chemical composition is arranged in such a way that each vitamin, enriching head skin and roots, performs a certain work at the cellular level:

  • beta carotene interferes with a hair loss;
  • Retinolum (A) is also well-cared restore the damaged locks;
  • tiamin (B1) and a pyridoxine (B6) treat seborrhea and dandruff;
  • Riboflavinum (B2) and fillohinon (To) are necessary for the active growth of hair;
  • folic acid (B9) — reliable protection of ringlets against various stresses;
  • ascorbic acid (C) gives silkiness and smoothness;
  • tocopherol (E) does locks elastic, elastic, brilliant;
  • niacin (RR) warns a gray hair.

Possessing such complex action, essential oil of cinnamon turns any type of hair into the beautiful and brilliant cascade of healthy, well-groomed ringlets. With this wonderful substance it is possible to forget about head skin diseases at all. It is used even for clarification of locks. Competent application of wonderful air will help to achieve the most excellent results, if the nobility how to cure hair magic oil from cinnamon.

Essential oil of cinnamon for hair: councils for application and recipes It is necessary to check reaction of the organism to cinnamon oil: drip a little on a wrist and if there was a rash, by no means don’t use it

Councils for application

That oil of cinnamon was the most effective for the general improvement of hair, it is necessary to adhere to a number of recommendations from professionals.

  1. One of side effects of application of this means is insignificant, easy clarification of locks which every time will become more and more noticeable. Therefore it is recommended for house use to mainly fair-haired beauties.
  2. Essential oil of cinnamon, as well as spice, is rather burning means which can cause allergic skin reaction. If you don’t want to comb the head spots to bloody scabs, surely check the organism as it will apprehend this cosmetic. It can previously be applied on a body site with gentle skin — on a wrist, near an ear lobe, on an internal bend of an elbow. In the absence of an itch it is possible to use safely a mask for head skin.
  3. Application of this means by at whom pressure jumps is contraindicated.
  4. This means is recommended for the strengthened growth of hair (to 3 cm a month) and clarification of locks.
  5. Don’t confuse essential oil to the cosmetic: it needs to be used drops, but not to measure by dining rooms and even teaspoons.
  6. If problems with which you want to cope with the help of this wonderful substance, are rather serious (plentiful dandruff, a large-scale hair loss, lack of their growth for a long time etc.), night compresses will become optimum option. They can be done 2 times a week.
  7. If problems aren’t so global, but are already outlined, application of masks with essential oil of cinnamon will help you to solve them in the shortest terms. They are also recommended to be done twice.
  8. If you only want to flirt behind the ringlets and to prevent a gray hair and a hair loss, simply enrich with this air the shampoos and conditioners.
  9. For clarification of hair look for the recipe in which there will be a honey diluted with the distilled water.

These recommendations will help to use cinnamon essential oil on everything 100 and to squeeze out of it all useful juice for health of ringlets. It was necessary to find out, which recipes to apply in house conditions that hair blossomed by the vital force and beauty.

Essential oil of cinnamon for hair: councils for application and recipes In combination with honey and some other ingredients oil of cinnamon becomes the natural clarifying means

Recipes of means with cinnamon oil

In recipes the shortcoming isn’t present. Essential oil of cinnamon can be used in compresses and masks, for massage of the head and aromaraschesyvaniye, enrichment of shampoos and preparation of the most effective masks for growth and clarification of hair. Choose that means which most effectively will be able to solve all your problems.

  • Massage of the head

Slightly to warm up (approximately to 35 °C) on a water bath of 100 ml olive natural (a cold extraction) oils, to add 5 drops of air of cinnamon. To mass the head finger-tips roundabouts within 5 – 7 minutes. To wash away shampoo.

  • Night compress

Slightly to warm up (to 30–35 °C) 100 ml of burdock oil on a water bath, to add 5 drops of air of cinnamon. To rub in roots, to warm cellophane and a towel, to leave on all night long. To wash away in the morning shampoo.

  • Aromaraschesyvaniya

On a hairbrush from natural materials to drip 3–4 drops of air of cinnamon and within 4–5 minutes to comb a lock behind a lock. To do daily within two weeks.

  • Enrichment of shampoos

(Or conditioner) to add 15 drops of air of cinnamon to 500 ml of shampoo. To use means when washing the head.

To mix cinnamon air (10 drops) with honey (50 ml), the divorced distilled water (100 ml), hair conditioner (200 ml), lemon juice (20 ml). To hold not less than an hour.

  • Mask for growth of hair

In different capacities slightly to warm up (to 30–35 °C) on a water bath of 20 ml of coconut cosmetic oil and 50 ml of honey. To mix them after that, to add 20 ml of a macadamia, 6–7 drops of air of cinnamon. Action time — half an hour.

Now you know, what wonderful properties cinnamon air for hair possesses: accelerates growth, interferes with loss, does strong, brilliant and strong. It is unlikely someone will refuse such pleasant bonuses. Look after the ringlets, indulge them fragrant recipes and enjoy wonderful effect of cinnamon oil on hair.

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