Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

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It is by nature individual color of appearance given us which can be divided into four main types: spring, summer, fall and winter. From this article you learn about what hair color will approach under cvetotip fall.

Tsvetotip name a certain combination of a hair color and eyes to tone of skin and other external data. It is by nature individual color of appearance given us which can be divided into four main types: spring, summer, fall and winter. From this article you learn about what hair color will approach under cvetotip fall, and also about the most successful combinations of a color palette in clothes and a make-up.

Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Striking example of the representative of an autumn tsvetotip

How to define the cvetotip

To emphasize the natural beauty, it is very important to pick up correctly a color palette in a make-up and clothes. But it is especially attentively necessary to treat a hair color choice, after all it will be with you always, irrespective of circumstances – houses, at work, on walk and a party.

It is capable or to give to your shape big freshness and expressiveness, or to spoil it, having emphasized wrinkles, freckles or having changed skin color in not the best party.

Criteria for definition of a tsvetotip

Tsvetotip of appearance can be warm or cold. To the first the fall and spring, concern to the second – winter and summer.

Criteria for its definition are:

  • Tone of skin. Peach or salmon – warm, olive or pinkish – cold;
  • Shade of hair. Here their color, how many a shade – warm golden or cold ashy is important not so much;
  • Color of an iris of the eye of eyes;
  • Color of eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, freckles.

Define, your appearance belongs to what tsvetotip!

Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Female fall

The fall belongs to a warm tsvetotip and differs from spring in the bigger brightness and a saturation.

It is possible to recognize the woman of autumn type according to the following natural data:

  • Skin of an equal warm golden shade, without pronounced flush. Freckles if they are, a reddish shade. Suntan sticks to such skin badly, often causing reddenings, inflammations and burns.
  • The most widespread hair color for a tsvetotip fall – red the most different shades, or with very obvious red outflow. Hair — thick, elastic and brilliant, it is frequent – curling.
Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Girl fall

  • Eyes bright – brown, green, amber and olive, colors of cognac, etc.

Pay attention. If by nature you have black or fair-haired-ashy hair or blue eyes, autumn type – not yours, even at coincidence of all other signs.

It is very generalized characteristic of appearance of an autumn tsvetotip.

Actually it can be very different and in this group shares on some types:

  • Light fall. Eyes of amber, light-brown or light brown-green color, auburn or light-copper hair are inherent in such women. Skin of color of an ivory or beige-peach.
  • Bright fall. Eyes very bright, up to the green-blue. Hair copper or bronze with strong gloss, skin – a warm peach shade, can be rather swarty.
  • Contrast fall. Contrast is created pinkish-beige or colors of an ivory skin with bright copper-chestnut or bronze hair. Eyes can be amber-brown, gray or gray-blue, but with brown streaks.
Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Among celebrities the representative of an autumn tsvetotip is Milla Jovovich

  • Natural fall. Dark brown or brown-green eyes, copper-fair-haired or bronze hair, skin beige or peach with a yellowish shade.

How to choose a hair-dye

The desire to change, cardinally to change the shape by means of a make-up, hair-dyes, contact lenses and clothes of other style is peculiar to women. The professional stylist if to trust in him, will competently pick up a new palette of hair-dyes, being guided on your natural cvetotip. If you decided to be painted at home, the hands, our councils will be useful to you.

Main from them: don’t use paint of cold shades – bluish-black, ash-gray, etc. It categorically isn’t suitable for your appearance with warm autumn color. On a cold background skin looks stale and if on a face there are freckles, they get a bright shade and start being allocated obviously.

Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Freckles at the girl on a photo are almost imperceptible against bright red hair

More than others you will suit brown, chocolate, red, copper shades.

And it is necessary to be guided and by skin color:

  • With swarty skin it is more preferable to girls and women such shades as mahogany, autumn foliage and others of saturated red scale;
  • If skin light, choose shades of a santalaceous tree, a black rosewood.

Council. If your hair curl by nature, refuse their clarification, differently they can become dry and fragile. But on them wide locks of bright red or honey color very effectively look.

Clothes and make-up

Correctly picked up hair color under cvetotip will allow you to look good soft fall even early in the morning – without make-up and in house clothes. But it is simply to woman to look good insufficiently if she gets on “in the world”, in this case it agrees only on “smartly” and “perfectly”. Therefore we won’t disregard also other ways of targeting of beauty.

The good help – a season. What colors are inherent in fall – such will harmoniously look and on you.

Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Decorative cosmetics

As well as with a hair color, when using decorative cosmetics autumn young ladies aren’t recommended to lean on various cold shades. It concerns literally in total lipstick, blush, an eyeliner, etc.

But let’s sort a palette for a make-up in more detail.

  • The base under a make-up has to be a fresh peach shade, and here cold pink tone to you won’t suit.
  • The foundation used for masking of defects of skin or black circles under eyes has to be with a yellowish shade, and for swarty or suntanned skin – with beige or bronze. Avoid concealers with a cold silvery reflection.
  • Ideal powder for an evening make-up – golden. It is better for white-skinned women to use colourless or transparent powder, and swarty – with a beige shade in the afternoon. But, not dark which will look roughly.
  • Eye shadow approaches color of eyes and clothes, but they never have to be cold pastel shades. The most favorable colors: gold, bronze, baklazhanny, emerald-green, cinnamon, warm beige, lavandovy, peach.
Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Example of a successful make-up

  • Eyeliner. For a daily make-up you shouldn’t use black, it is better to take black-brown, brown or dark green. And for evening option it is possible to try gold or violet. And here a silvery or gray-blue eyeliner – not so your style.
  • Mascara – doesn’t approach only blue and blue, select other colors according to other image. Black-green, black-violet and brown ink – an ideal choice on all cases.
  • Blush for light skin – peach, apricot, salmon, for swarty – terracotta, coral, golden-brown. But never the bright pink.
  • The pencil for eyebrows has to be brown, the shade suitable you, but not black and not gray.
  • Lipstick. Any of warm scale from champagne shades to bright red and cherry. Avoid a cold pink, lilac, silvery color.

Council. At creation of a make-up for women of an autumn tsvetotip the obligatory instruction or the rule works: the bright accent has to be only one. Or it is eyes, or lips.

Color in clothes

We won’t repeat about cold and warm shades is a rule it has to be followed and here.

We will give some advice of rather basic flowers of clothes for women of different subtypes.

  • Light fall – basic colors light, diluted with bright accents;
  • Bright fall – a combination of bright and light shades in equal proportions;
  • Contrast and natural fall – domination of dark shades. Bright and light will create contrast and will give to your shape dynamism.
Hair color under cvetotip fall, a make-up and clothes

Palette for a tsvetotip fall


Of course, you can experiment with a different hair color, but frequent colourings aren’t always perceived by them without serious consequences. Therefore it is better to consult to the competent stylist which cost of services will for certain not be higher, than the price it is useless the used paint (see also article “A hair color for a tsvetotip summer: in harmony with the nature”).

The same concerns your clothes and a make-up. Video in this article will help you to understand subtleties of creation of a harmonious image better.

If you want to thank, add specification or objection, to ask a question to the author – add the comment!

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