Egg mask for hair in house conditions

By | 27.03.2018

The mask stimulating growth. Well the repeyno-egg mask for hair proved in acceleration of growth and strengthening of a head of hear. In this case the restoring masks promoting "healing" of microinjuries on filaments come to the rescue.

Long, beautiful and well-groomed locks were always the main decoration of the woman. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm and a way of life doesn’t allow them to carry a braid to toe as locks of such length demand special leaving and in some sense complicate life. It is difficult to wash, dry and braid very long locks and they have weight rather big, to carry which during the working day on the shoulders difficult. Therefore women most often give preference to hair of average length and short hairstyles.

Whatever was length of hair, they by all means have to be healthy and beautiful. To make them such women are helped by special cosmetics which the industry of beauty lets out in a large number. But you shouldn’t forget and about the national recipes allowing to keep health and beauty of ringlets for many years by means of natural bio products and herbs house conditions. Usual eggs are among such products. On their basis it is possible to do many different masks for giving to locks of gloss, acceleration of their growth, prevention of loss, etc.

 Egg mask for hair in house conditions

It is a little about advantage of egg yolks

The egg yolk is rich with a set of useful substances, nutritious components and vitamins:

  • B3 vitamin accelerates growth of hair, does their color bright and saturated;
  • lecithin helps to restore quickly damaged sites, does locks stronger;
  • amino acids effectively prevent emergence of dryness of skin and dandruff;
  • proteins strengthen hair bulbs and prevent loss.

It is important to understand that use of any masks including egg, only then will bring the maximum benefit when harmful effects on an organism outside and from within are minimized, and is better excluded at all. It is about such addictions as smoking and abuse of alcoholic drinks. Also badly stay in dusty, gas-polluted, too damp rooms, circulation in a frost or on a beach without headdress affects a condition of a head of hear.

As it is correct to prepare egg masks

House cosmetic masks on the basis of eggs most often are made of yolks while it is better to use proteins as the main ingredient of a mask film for the person.

Yolks separate from proteins and are shaken up in deep ware by means of a nimbus. Then depending on type of hair and from what problem this mask is urged to solve, auxiliary components are added to it. It can be such ingredients as honey, burdock oil, onions or lemon juice, yeast and so forth.

The egg mask for hair has to is applied on dry locks on all length for 25-60 minutes. Best of all that they were pure and contained on themselves a minimum of a varnish, a styling foam and so forth. Drawing structure on the purest locks will allow nutrients to get better in a hair and head skin.

In order that weight didn’t flow down on a face and a neck, it is necessary to put on a hat for a shower on an elastic band the head. It is necessary to wash away an egg mask warm water while it is better not to use hot water as it is first harmful to hair, and secondly, can lead to formation of lumps, especially if together with yolks a few egg whites got to structure for a mask.

Egg mask for hair in house conditions

 The mask stimulating growth

Well the repeyno-egg mask for hair proved in acceleration of growth and strengthening of a head of hear. It is suitable for dry and normal hair.

For a mask on average locks it is required:

  • two egg yolks;
  • one tablespoon of burdock oil.

If the structure for an oily hair becomes, it is necessary to add a teaspoon of any alcoholic drink to it (vodka or cognac) or to notice burdock oil kefir in number of 100 ml.

Repeyno-yaichnaya the mask for hair is the fine a hair loss medicine allowing to strengthen effectively bulbs and to feed locks. It is necessary to use it not more often than two times a week for dry and normal hair, and for ringlets inclined to fat content will be also once enough.

The restoring egg mask for hair

 Very often the locks which are exposed to regular coloring or drying by the hair dryer lose the attractiveness and become fragile and dim. In this case the restoring masks promoting “healing” of microinjuries on filaments come to the rescue.

The following components will be necessary for preparation of such mask:

  • three egg yolks;
  • 5 tablespoons are swept away.

It is necessary to put a mask for 40-45 minutes, to wash away warm water and shampoo.

This egg mask for hair will allow to sate locks with amino acids and calcium, to restore them structures and to make elastic.

The strengthening egg mask for hair

Often people face a hair loss problem which can arise for a set of the reasons. The egg and honey mask will help to cope with it. The national recipe provides the following proportions of its main components: on one egg yolk it is necessary to take one tablespoon of liquid natural honey. If honey zakristallizovatsya already, it should be kindled on a steam bath. Except these two ingredients it is necessary to add one teaspoon of castor oil to a mask.

The honey and egg mask for hair is applied on dry locks as on wet or damp it will simply flow down, thus temperature of structure has to be room or is more warmish. It is necessary to hold a mask on locks 25-35 minutes, for convenience it is necessary to put on the head a hat for a shower.

To wash away warm water, and to rinse cool slightly acidified. For this purpose it is necessary to squeeze out juice from a half of a lemon and to mix it with three liters of water. Lemon juice can be replaced with a vinegar teaspoon.

The course of treatment of a head of hear by means of such mask makes 10 days, but positive changes in a condition of hair will become noticeable already on 2-3 application. Before the first drawing a mask it is necessary to make the test for an allergy – to apply a little structure on an elbow bend. If within 10 minutes there are no discomfortable feelings, reddening or an itch, it is possible to use it safely.

The most important when using egg masks – correctness of their preparation, drawing and washing off. Preparation of nutritious structure won’t take a lot of time and won’t create a tear in the family budget, and the result will surpass all expectations and your ringlets will become beautiful and healthy.


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