Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair

By | 27.03.2018

The shampoos mixed in own kitchen, masks, conditioners and to balm promote growth of hair, prevent their fragility, do ringlets healthy, strong, brilliant and very beautiful. Folk remedies for hair: in what difference from the purchased.

Voluminous, thick and long hair – dream of many girls. For its achievement it is possible to use not only expensive purchased means, but also quite available structures prepared in house conditions.
The shampoos mixed in own kitchen, masks, conditioners and to balm promote growth of hair, prevent their fragility, do ringlets healthy, strong, brilliant and very beautiful.

Folk remedies for hair: in what difference from the purchased

The house means prepared according to national recipes are capable not only to add industrial preparations, but also completely to replace them. Among advantages of self-made cosmetics to hair:

Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair

  • Availability of ingredients. The majority of components can be found in own refrigerator or to get in the next drugstore. Ingredients cost not much, besides they are very economic.
  • Unconditional freshness of a product. Masks, shampoos and conditioners don’t prepare for the future, them mix just before use.
  • Efficiency. After the first procedure hair will look more well-groomed, will gain gloss and elasticity. In 2-3 weeks fragility and loss will stop, in a month growth of hair will be swept up.

Despite high efficiency, national preparations have also some shortcomings. They aren’t recommended to the people suffering from an allergy.

Contrary to a popular belief, natural products are capable to provoke an attack of allergic cold or small tortoiseshell. At negative reaction to pollen, products of beekeeping and other components the national cosmetics can’t be used.

That will be suitable for growth of hair

Folk remedies for strengthening and growth of hair — it is house shampoos, masks, wrappings, rinsings, medical lotions. They can be used as separately, and in a complex.

Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair The ideal schedule for acceleration of growth means washing by self-made shampoo 1-3 times a week.

1-2 times become the nutritious, moistening or clearing mask after which hair are rinsed with grass broth or water with special additives.

In intervals between masks and washing it is useful to do the grass lotions stimulating activity hair a follicle.

Also massage with the basic or essential oils regulating water and lipidic balance and preventing emergence of dandruff is useful. The self-made peeling on the basis of table or sea salt will help to improve growth of an oily hair. It clears skin and roots, eliminating surplus of a grease secret and awakening the sleeping hair bulbs.

Broths and infusions

Folk remedies for growth of hair — it as well broths and medicinal herbs infusions which are widely used and in the modern world. It is possible to prepare infusion, the gulf of 2 tablespoons of dry or fresh raw materials 2 glasses of boiled water.

After that mix is drawn in a thermos or under a cover not less than half an hour, filtered and used for preparation of conditioners, masks, balms or lotions.

Broths are prepared in the same proportions, but after mixing warmed up on a water bath within 5-7 minutes, without bringing to boiling. Hot liquid is drawn under a cover and filtered.

Herbs get out depending on type of hair and head skin:

  • The nettle, birch kidneys and leaves, sage, calendula, eucalyptus, rosemary, wormwood, oak and willow bark will be suitable for fat locks.
  • The pharmaceutical camomile, lavender, coltsfoot, yarrow, lime color will help to stimulate growth of dry locks.

Oils, basic and radio

For stimulation of growth of hair oils are widely used. At dry head skin the basic options received from stones and seeds of various plants will approach: soy, an olive, a burdock, almonds, makedamiya, argon, a coco, you reproach.

These preparations can be used in pure form, to mix or include in structure of masks and wrappings together with other components. Basic oils are best of all combined with eggs, grass extracts, yogurt.
Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair
To strengthen growth, to return to locks natural gloss and bright color will help warm wrappings. In separate capacity mixes up soy, almond, burdock and coconut oils in equal parts. Mix is warmed up on a water bath and distributed on locks by means of a flat synthetic brush. The remains are carefully rubbed in roots.

The head needs to be massed, pleasant heat won’t be felt yet. Hair are closed by a plastic hat for a shower and wrapped up with a towel on half an hour. It is necessary to wash away a mask warm water with children’s shampoo. Such wrapping is done for 2 months once a week.

For stimulation hair a follicle oils are actively used radio. To improve growth of locks, to warn fragility and stratifyings natural air of a lavender, an eucalyptus, a cedar, rosemary, a geranium, a camomile, a sandal-wood tree, a lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange will help. Essential oils add to masks and water for rinsings, they can be used in mixes. On one procedure 5-10 drops there are enough.

Basic and essential oils are effective at wrappings and massage. In separate capacity 1-2 tablespoons of oil of soy or almonds mix up, 3 drops of air of a lemon, the same amount of orange and cedar oil are added to them. Mix is carefully rubbed in roots, it isn’t necessary to wash away it.

Masks for hair

To wake hair bulbs, will help to accelerate growth and to prevent fragility such folk remedies for growth of hair, as various masks.

Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair Structures with whole eggs or chicken yolks, honey, gelatin, berry, vegetable and fruit juice will be suitable for dry hair.

Low-fat fermented milk products, rye bread, the beaten egg white, fruit vinegar, blue or green clay, mustard powder will help to strengthen fat locks.

Masks do 1-2 times a week by courses for 2-3 months.

It is desirable to alternate structures, it will help to strengthen effect. The structure is put for 30-40 minutes and washed away by warm water with soft shampoo.

Recipes of masks for hair from mustard also:

Natural house means will be suitable for growth of hair on the head on the basis of eggs or neutral formulas without sulfates, dyes, sharp fragrances. Such shampoos can be got in a drugstore.

The mask with an aloe will be suitable for an oily hair. This plant not only stimulates hair bulbs, but also revitalizes head skin, removes irritations, heals cuts. At regular use of a lock become stronger and elastic, cores cease to be stratified and break off. 3-4 leaves of an aloe place in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

Then they are passed via the blender, juice is wrung out in a gauze and mixes up with 1 tablespoon of vodka. After washing of hair the preparation is carefully rubbed in roots, the head is wound with a towel for 30-40 minutes. The mask is washed away warmish water, and then rinsed with grass broth.

The mask with mustard isn’t less effective. It will be suitable for stimulation of growth of the normal or overdried locks. Mix well restores the head of hear damaged by frequent vypryamleniye, obestsvechivaniye or colourings.

Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair The egg yolk is carefully pounded with 1 tablespoon of dry mustard powder, 1 h. spoon of liquid honey and same amount of almond oil.

5 drops of rosemary oil are added to an emulsion. The mask is distributed on hair and carefully rubbed in roots.

The head is rolled up by a thick terry towel, for strengthening of influence it is possible to process slightly it the hair dryer which is switched on in the mode of a warm obduv.

After washing off hair rinse with the acidified water. During procedure perhaps easy pricking of skin.

And here one more recipe of a mask for acceleration of growth of hair on the basis of egg and honey, you watch:

Natural conditioners

To stimulate hair bulbs, to restore acid-base balance, to add to locks elasticity and gloss house conditioners will help. The most simple and effective option – the acidified water.

She smoothes hair scales, gives to locks softness, keeps freshness of head skin. To cool water it is added some drops of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice or a pinch of crystals of lemon acid.

Folk remedies for rapid growth, density and strengthening of hair Such folk remedies for rapid growth of hair as conditioners from broth of herbs give good effect. They give to a head of hear pleasant aroma, reduce fat content, remove a peeling, calm.

Such conditioners are especially important when using of the hard chlorinated water causing the increased fragility and stratifying of hair cores.

The choice of structure depends on type of skin and color of ringlets. Blondes will suit a conditioner from camomile broth, brunettes should try infusion from cones of hop or strong black tea.

Broths of lime color will help to improve a condition of dry hair, and the state fat especially well is influenced by a nettle.

The universal option for any type of hair prepares from fresh or dried leaves of a birch. They are rich with ascorbic acid, normalize water and lipidic balance, prevent emergence of dandruff. Regular rinsings by birch water give to hair strengthening, density and growth, they cease to break off.

Simply to prepare a natural conditioner. The handful of raw materials is filled in with liter of the boiling water, warmed up on slow fire of 5-7 minutes and drawn within half an hour. After filtering the concentrated liquid is dissolved with 3 parts of clear water.

Such procedure can be carried out after each washing, house means with success will replace purchased balms and conditioners.

Correctly picked up folk remedies – great assistants in care of hair. For growth and prevention of fragility there are tens recipes, for improvement of effect they are recommended to be combined with each other.

It is more difficult to prepare house structures, than to use the ready means bought in shop. However the result costs the spent efforts. The strong, healthy, quickly growing hair which are easily keeping within any hairdress will become an award.

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