Hair color for blue eyes

By | 12.05.2018

From an intensive and cold blond to chestnut-colored, going to the black – what color resembles to you, easy to find out. Dark hair for the blue-eyed. If you wish to become a brunette, and you reflect on what color approaches to your cold, as.

Blue eyes – one of the brightest features of the Slavic people. At the same time, residents of many countries can only dream of heavenly eyes, buying up in shops of optics color contact lenses, or dreaming of recently created operation on clarification of a raduzhka of an eye. It isn’t difficultly to explain popularity of blue eyes – in a frame of dark eyelashes they look contrastly, brightly, expressively.

But as all of us know, even the insignificant detail is capable to damage any natural data. That it didn’t occur, it is very important to find that color for hair which approaches your eyes – blond, red, the brown-haired person or saturated dark.

Hair color for blue eyes

Fair-haired heads of hear – classics of the Slavic people

In questions of beauty there is no best expert, than the nature. Ashy cold tone of hair are excellently combined with eyes of color of the sky. The range of tones is so extensive that you without effort will be able to find for yourself the most optimum shade.

From an intensive and cold blond to chestnut-colored, going to the black – what color resembles to you, easy to find out. First of all, it is necessary to make a start from a color of your eyebrows – if they dark, and you paint a head of hear in light ashy blond, hardly it will look attractively. Rule here the very simple: for dark hair of an eyebrow have to be a little lighter, for light – is a little more dark, for the shatenistykh, averages on a color palette of shades – to match.

Besides, girls with a fair hair have to pay close attention to a condition of the skin – if you increased pigmentation level, don’t choose radical shades, stop on an average fair-haired color with the cold subtone containing intensive double ashes better.

The red – brightness and appeal

If you don’t have enough expressiveness in your image, and you reflect, what most expressive hair color for blue eyes exists in a color palette of hair-dyes, you can safely test the red.

Red color of a head of hear is extraordinary successfully combined with cornflower-blue eyes. The reason for that — in contrast of flowers. Red contains a red pigment which is warm tone, blue – always you wouldn’t choose cold, what tone.

For the girl, the person interested to make appearance of brighter, will be more preferable to choose copper, juicy tone in which the red will prevail. And here faded red, on the contrary, it is capable to make a face more jammed, washed off, thanks to that in it a large number of a yellow pigment, which more cold, than warm.

Dark hair for the blue-eyed

If you wish to become a brunette, and you reflect on what color approaches to your cold as small pieces of ice, to eyes, it is possible to please you – to you to the person any dark tone. However, if you want that the image was the most organic, think over compatibility of color of your hair with a skin shade.

So, for example, if your skin is inclined to reddenings, a kuperoz or allergic reactions, the red pigment in hair is contraindicated to you – it literally “will extend” all redness on a surface. Bluish-black won’t suit you exactly for the same reason – contrast will only emphasize this not best feature of your skin. It is better to stop the choice on the ashy brown-haired person.

Those whom the nature presented with snow-white skin, the worthy aristocracy, often choose black tone of paint. It not the worst choice, but you should be ready to that surrounding will associate to you, at best, with the representative of subcultures.

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