Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo

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If you have brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach? Winter to Kara – green? now I think it will be painted over in cognac color? Black there are no I fade, go natural and light but not the blonde.

Ideal hair color for green eyes and light skin: photo of stars

Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Gentle merge of light skin and the bewitching green eyes — is an exclusive and pleasant gift of the nature. After all in the world such color of eyes only 2% of people possess. How unmistakably to pick up a hair color for green eyes and light skin, photos will help to choose a certain tone.

How to choose a shade of hair for green eyes?

Producers offer a wide choice of hair-dyes for girls with such rare combination of external data to emphasize their uniqueness. Competently to pick up the necessary tone, it is recommended to look at an iris of the eye of eyes.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Women with easy implication of fall, with yellowish or terracotta impregnations perfectly will suit bright, saturated scale. Such as chestnut, rich line of red color and, of course, copper and red. These warm shades will create a playful image of the green-eyed beauty.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Bright grassy notes of eyes will be emphasized so-so by chestnut, dark brown or red, gentle honey tone. These bright shades of hair will be in harmony with saturated color of eyes.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Marsh color of eyes the most widespread, than bright green. The caramel shade of hair with impurity of the dairy will give a gentle image and will make a look attractive. Besides, the caramel shade — is a season trend.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo To girls with a gentle smoky-gray shade of green eyes and neutral warm shades khaki can choose more natural of tone: fair-haired, platinum, wheat. If natural color of locks dark, it is possible to experiment the black, neutral brown and dark fair-haired. Such contrast combination adds luxury to passionate nature.

Ideal shade of hair for white-skinned and green-eyed girls

With a green warm palette of eyes in harmonious addition with peach skin platinum colors are strictly forbidden women, they will betray to skin a painful and pale look.
Too dark shades of hair: dark, bitter chocolate it is favorable to emphasize brightness of color of eyes, but can be inappropriate for porcelain skin. It will look the excessively light.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Bright shades red, passionate black and blond (Scandinavian platinum) demand from their owners of faultless skin. Therefore it is necessary to work carefully over the tone.Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo To be the fervent red-haired knave, the gentle star with a fair hair or the magnificent brunette of the lady – vamp? The attracting green-eyed beauties with a velvet light shade of skin can finish an image, having picked up that shade of hair which will approach not only on a tsvetotipa, but also on a state of mind. Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo

Stylists advise the following shades of paints for women of this kind:

Some stars of a world scene have such type of appearance. So, for example, Amanda Bayns, Dzhuliannaya Moore, Charlize Theron, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They successfully experiment the hairdresses. On a photo the hair color for green eyes and light skin is perfectly combined with a make-up. Therefore we recommend to learn how to do correctly a make-up for green eyes.

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If you have brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach?

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Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Any girl seeks to be bright and beautiful, for this purpose often not always successfully chooses the hair color suitable her tsvetotip. Successfully to pick up a hair color it is necessary to consider color of eyes, skin and a natural hair color. Ability to find the most expressive combination is given not all therefore we offer a small master class – so if you have brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach?

Girls with brown-green eyes are subdivided into two tsvetotip – “fall” and “winter”. Girls with a face freckles treat the first tsvetotip, they have an equal golden complexion, and skin gentle and badly transfers suntan. The hair color at them most often chestnut, with a gold shade. If such girl dawn has brown-green eyes, best of all she will suit colors of fall #8212; fiery red, copper, warm brown, bright red, chestnut. It can be also brighter courageous red shades. Thus the main thing governed in selection of color – to use exclusively warm colors, cold colors #8212; ashy or black, don’t suit the girl dawn at all. Thus it is necessary to take in attention a shade of eyes – if it more dark, and the hair color is better to select deeper with a dark shade of the offered color palette. So eyes will be much more expressive that will give to the girl still a bigger charm.

Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photoNow we will consider a case when the girl belongs in a winter tsvetotip. It can be determined by olive gray skin color. And skin easily and beautifully sunbathes, but also without suntan has a yellowish shade. Most often a native hair color at the girl winter cold chestnut with a cognac shade. By the way, on a photo at the left #8212; the girl with brown-green eyes under which color approaches not only a hair color, but also color scale of a jacket parks. To choose women’s parks demi-season to match an eye rather simply. Your image, undoubtedly, benefits from a successful combination of color of eyes, hair and clothes.

Cold paints best of all will be suitable for the girl winter, red colors will look especially vulgarly. And how to be in case you have brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach? For the girl winter with such beautiful color of eyes it is possible to pick up a huge color palette from ideal-black and deep brown, to the courageous and defiant red. And here it isn’t recommended to turn into the blonde at all. Though if this color is given by nature, you shouldn’t change its decision – the nature – the most correct designer, and such natural combination will give to the girl uniqueness and mysteriousness.

Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo
Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo

But, most important #8212; at selection of a hair color it is necessary not to forget about character and if the girl has a question – if brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach – that needs to be taken into account character of the owner of these fine eyes. Perhaps, in the necessary shade of a hair color the girl feels inconveniently and uncomfortablly, then it is possible to experiment and pick up color in which it will be convenient to it to live.

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Each girl wants to be beautiful, to find the ideal style suitable under her character. But, unfortunately, not all by nature got is thin to feel: that approaches, and that isn’t present. Often we make mistakes in a choice of flowers and palettes. How to learn to make the choice correctly?

Today we will talk about a hair color choice for owners of brown-green eyes. For a start it is worth defining what at you cvetotip. From this we will also already proceed at a choice of the ideally of a hair color. Girls of two tsvetotip most often meet such color of eyes – dawning and winter.

Girls of an autumn tsvetotip have the skin color approached to golden shades, often with freckles of reddish color. Skin gentle, complexion equal. Badly transfers suntan, most often after acceptance of solar procedures reddens and inflames. A natural hair color – chestnut, a golden shade. If you treat this tsvetotip, it is necessary to choose all shades of fall at a hair color choice – chestnut, fiery copper, red, dark brown. For more courageous girls it is possible to choose brighter reddish shades. To remember the main thing that it is necessary to choose all warm shades, and to avoid cold, such as black and ashy. Girls who possess dark eyes, should choose more dark shades of hair, they will give to the face big expressiveness.
Whether if yours cvetotip – the winter, skin at you olive-gray, with yellowish outflow, well sunbathes. A natural hair color – cold chestnut and cognac color. Ideal the choice will be black color, dark cold tone. Red color is better to avoid.
If you the happy owner of brown-green eyes, you are able to afford to dye a hair in any dark shade, beginning from seductive black, passionate chestnut, and finishing playful red. You will suit all colors of a palette from these tones.

In the blonde it is undesirable to be painted but if by nature you the blonde, it gives you even more seduction and mystery.

At a choice of a hair color it is necessary not only to consider that suits you on a tsvetotipa, and that suits you on character, after all if in the shade which is ideally suitable for you you won’t feel comfortable, it should be replaced. Good luck to you in a choice also you remember it is necessary to experiment, it is the best way to learn that to you podhodit#33;

Whether ashy-fair-haired color will suit winter?



I have brown-green eyes (almost a nut) and a natural hair color dark-ashy. skin quickly burns but to suntan doesn’t give in, skin light but cheeks blush a pink shade. What it cvetotip? When with natural color feeling of a dullness and slackness.

I have light-brown eyes with zelentsy (my color galaz still all call a chameleon since at different lighting they look, green, brown, and even at all korichnevato yellowish color) and my natural hair color fair-haired. skin swarty with freckles as soon as I will go outside (for example in shop behind bread) at once I sunbathe and suntan since summer at me still up to the end didn’t descend, i.e. keeps very long. never I burn, I don’t become covered by spots. What I cvetotip?

I have brown-green eyes, a native hair color chestnut. In the summer hair can burn, the person can redden. Skin light. Eyebrows black. Recently it obesvetitsya and painted, Estelle chose the ashy-light brown. On the picture there was a dark color in practice it turned out closer to the wheat. Color nice, cold and quiet. On my face always there is a pale pink flush. In a word it turned out not that expected. That is color doesn’t emphasize, it turned out at once color is evident. How to rectify situation? Girls advise without losing option please. There is a wish to pass from chestnut color (native) to the fair-haired. In hairdresser’s my settlement Estelle’s paint is available.


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