How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

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Whether it is possible to accelerate this process somehow? Complex solution. The whole package of measures demanding the radical is necessary for stimulation of growth of hair. Masks from onions. The onions irritating hair follicles help to stimulate growth of ringlets.

What woman doesn’t dream of the cascade of the long silky ringlets falling from shoulders and streaming on a back? Magnificent hair are one of components of natural beauty, but owners of such wealth among us it isn’t a lot of. Most often the genetics is the reason of bad growth of hair. How to accelerate growth of hair?

Natural lengthening of healthy ringlets has to make about fifteen centimeters a year: it is an average indicator, characteristic for most of women. Only rare lucky women can brag of that their locks grow on 2,5 cm a month that gives nearly thirty centimeters of an annual gain of hair. 

How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

And there is a category of people, whose hair monthly grow no more than on half-centimeter. What to do in this case? Whether it is possible to accelerate this process somehow? 

Complex solution

The whole package of measures demanding radical revision not only a food allowance, but also a way of life in general is necessary for stimulation of growth of hair. 

  • Slow growth of ringlets can specify that the organism simply doesn’t have the useful substances necessary for their full development. To correct this situation, it is necessary to enrich a diet with the fresh fruit, vegetables and products differing in the high content of vegetable cellulose. Extremely useful effect dairy products, low-fat broths, porridges from cereal cultures, sunflower seeds and nuts, green tea, fish and eggs dishes possess. 
  • Everything who is anxious with the bad growth of the head of hear, should be played sports actively. The balanced physical activities promote acceleration of exchange processes and strengthening of a blood-groove. As a result blood supply of internals and all systems of a human body improves. The rush of blood to hair bulbs leads to acceleration of growth of hair. How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks
  • Smoking and abuse of strong alcohol interferes with normal development of indumentum therefore it is better to refuse these addictions. 
  • For acceleration of growth of a head of hear it is necessary to look after correctly it, and also not to abuse chemical waves and frequent coloring, after all often lack of a gain is explained not by the bad growth of hair, but an oblamyvaniye of the whipped tips. 

Recipes of the stimulating masks

How to accelerate growth of hair? For stimulation of this process it is possible to do masks, the irritating hair bulbs and provoking a rush of blood to the head. Similar effect masks with cinnamon, pepper tincture, powder of dry mustard or imbirёm have. 

Such procedures differ in uniform algorithm of actions. Having mixed components, the structure is rubbed in roots of hair, the head is wound with polyethylene and warmed a cap or a bathing towel. Time of influence of a mask depends on sensitivity of skin on the head.

For sensitive skin there are enough twenty minutes. If the feeling of discomfort doesn’t arise, it is possible to prolong action of structure till one o’clock. Wash away masks a large amount of warm flowing water with shampoo.

Masks with mustard powder

Influence of masks from dry mustard dries locks therefore their application demands extra care. For strengthening of the burning effect stimulating inflow of blood to the head it is possible to add granulated sugar (a tea spoon on a tablespoon of powder of dry mustard). If to reduce a sugar dose, the burning effect will be reduced. In this way it is possible to adjust structure to any sensitivity of integuments. 

How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

  • For receiving the simplest structure the tablespoon of mustard powder and a tea spoon of granulated sugar are parted with a small amount of warm water (before obtaining smetanopodobny weight). After hashing right there apply on hair.
  • The sparing structure is received, having mixed a dessertspoon of dry mustard, steam of yolks and 100 ml of fat kefir. This option of a mask can be washed away without use of shampoo.
  • As responses of users, the following option of the stimulating structure testify differs in quite delicate action. Add an egg yolk and two dessertspoons of oil of a burdock to a tablespoon of mustard powder (will approach also kastorovy). 
  • After drawing mustard structure it is necessary to oil basic the tips of hair: it will prevent their peresushivaniye. For normal hair one procedure in a week, for fat – two, for dry – once a decade suffices. 

Masks with pepper tincture

Tincture of burning pepper which can be got in a drugstore, has more expressed effect, than mustard powder. As the accelerator of growth of hair it can be applied for three months twice a week. 

It is curious that, than more strongly pepper brandy is diluted with water, especially burning action on skin it possesses. For the first procedure it is better to use it in pure form. During the subsequent manipulations gradually select optimum suitable proportions. For dry locks pepper tincture is combined with vegetable oils. Structures with pepper brandy apply on roots of hair as they not only strongly dry ringlets, but also clarify the painted locks.

How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

Here some variations of the stimulating structures:

  • Mix of pepper tincture and any basic oil (in an identical ratio).
  • Mix pepper tincture, juice of one bulb, natural honey, burdock oil (on a dessertspoon), a yolk of one egg. 
  • Pepper tincture, onions juice, castor oil, tincture of flowers of a calendula (on a dessertspoon), one yolk. 

If the burning which arose after drawing a pepper mask seems too strong, it is better to wash away means immediately. At normal health influence of pepper structure can be prolonged till two o’clock.  

Masks from onions

The onions irritating hair follicles help to stimulate growth of ringlets. Responses of the girls applying onions masks note only one their shortcoming: too persistent smell. 

Councils concerning use of the conditioner, rubbing in filtered (without pulp) onions juice and rinsing of locks liquid with addition of lemon juice are almost useless. The pungent specific smell will proceed from the head for several days. 

How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

Girls whom it doesn’t frighten, can prepare a mask from three parts of a polished napiform bulb (it is possible to take gruel or to wring out from it juice) and one part of natural honey. Time of action of a mask – no more than an hour. Obligatory use of shampoo and rinsing with addition of lemon juice is required.

Cinnamon mask

Effect of essential oil of cinnamon and culinary powder from it causes similar effect of a rush of blood to hair follicles therefore and here very big accuracy is required. The dosage containing or five droplets of essential oil, or one tea spoon of dry powder of cinnamon is considered safe (for one procedure).  

How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks

The structure prepared from the powder of cinnamon, basic oil (taken on a tea spoon) and two teaspoons of bee honey is rubbed in head skin. Apply a small amount of basic oil on all length of ringlets and their tips. After warming of the head the mask is maintained about an hour. Wash away shampoo, soaping the head several times. 

Ginger masks

Ginger (both fresh, and dried up) – a fine growth factor of ringlets. Its dried-up backs possess more expressed burning action, than fresh. In case of use of powder ginger the dosage which isn’t exceeding a half of a teaspoon is allowed. 

Cognac masks

House masks

We offer some recipes of the effective national masks which received enthusiastic comments of users.

  • The kefiric mask has the effect stimulating growth of hair thanks to the content of acids and dairy proteins. In addition, it protects a head of hear from aggressive influence of environment, adds it beautiful gloss and volume. Having rubbed kefir in roots of clean hair, the head is fitted polyethylene and warmed. In half an hour rinse warm water. 
  • Indigenous Americans stimulate growth of the heads of hear by means of avocado. Mashed potatoes from fresh fruits (received by wiping on a small grater) rub in roots of hair and apply on locks. Having rolled up hair in a polyethylene film and having wrapped up the head, wait half an hour. Wash away a large amount of warm water. How to accelerate growth of hair: complex of available measures and compounding of masks
  • The mask from beer yeast rendering the stimulating and medical effect on ringlets is carried out so. Ten grams of yeast part in two tablespoons of warm water and mix with juice of one napiform bulb. After that in mix pour on a dessertspoon of the warmed-up castor and burdock oil. Having achieved receiving uniform mix, the structure is rubbed in head skin and distributed at all length of locks. Action of structure has to proceed forty minutes. Don’t forget also about a beer mask for hair.
  • As the effective accelerator of growth of hair it is possible to consider a mask from an aloe. For its preparation take two dessertspoons of juice of an aloe, a dessertspoon of honey, 30 ml of cognac and one yolk. Having mixed, means is applied on integuments of the head and on ringlets. Delete through an hour and a half without use of shampoo. 

Rules of care of a head of hear

What to do that hair grew quicker? Application of the masks stimulating their growth will give more visible effect if the girl follows a number of rules of care of the ringlets.

Massage of the head is extremely useful to growth of a head of hear. It is necessary to make this manipulation daily (for ten minutes). For bigger efficiency apply warm mix of olive, kastorovy and coconut oils on head skin and rub it roundabouts of fingers. 

Secrets of our grandmothers


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