How to understand what hair color suits you: we define cvetotip

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In today’s review, I will tell you how to understand what hair color suits you. You learn, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of a suitable shade.

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Hello, dear friends! Many women resort to coloring of hair, and I am not an exception. You, probably, know that even if not cardinally to change a hair color, all the same there are difficulties with a choice of the correct shade.
In today’s review, I will tell you how to understand what hair color suits you.
You learn, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of a suitable shade.

How to choose a hair color before painting?

How to define this or that shade will approach won’t make big complexity if you use my recommendations.

By the way, you can be painted in the chosen color and is independent. Thus it is important to choose the qualitative painting components in which there is no ammonia, but there are vegetable components.

How to understand what hair color suits you: we define cvetotip
So, we will walk on some flowers:

  1. At a choice of a blond pay attention to a condition of skin. As at such head of hear all reddenings, shortcomings and small damages of an integument will be noticeable.
  2.  Dark shades do women visually is more senior. Therefore saturated black tone you shouldn’t use after 35 years. Dark tone approach swarty girls, and also brown eyes more.
  3. Chestnut ringlets will be suitable for the thin and weakened hair. They will allow to hide all shortcomings. Such shade approaches if initial locks have an ashy or dark fair-haired shade, and also a brown shade of eyes.
  4. There is a large amount of red tones. To learn, choose suitable tone, it should be taken into account different combinations. Will approach the person of pinkish color coldish and copper tone. Paint with small yellowness will be suitable for peach or golden skin.

Remember that tone of the person has to be combined with the chosen shade. Otherwise, on your skin all defects will become noticeable. There shouldn’t be a strong contrast between skin and locks.

Consider modern options of painting: blondirovaniye, ombra or kolorirovaniye.

How to choose color on an appearance tsvetotipa?

To define, what shade of hair approaches a certain skin, you need to be guided on the tsvetotip of appearance.
There are such versions:

  1. Girls of spring type can have a light skin, slightly yellowish, bronze or transparent. Eyes most often happen gray-blue, greenish or to golden outflow. The hair color can have honey, yellowish, auburn or copper shades.
  2. By summer dairy, pale and slightly olive skin approaches. Color of eyes can be grayish or greenish. Locks can be light, fair-haired or even almost white.
  3. Autumn type of women have skin color from transparent to the golden. Often on skin there are freckles. Eyes at such type to skin can be gray, blue, zolotisto brown, amber or even saturated green. Hair of red shades will be suitable for such tsvetotip. And the head of hear can be as medno – golden, and saturated chestnut.
  4. The winter tsvetotip can have a skin from olive to white. Thus the shade of easy blueness is observed. Thus eyes can be gray, brown or dark-blue. Winter girls can have chestnut hair or even black.

So, we will sum up the results. Eyes of a deep brown, green or blue shade always belong to a cold palette.

Such people have a light skin, pale or with a small flush. Fair-haired locks remarkably approach green or blue eyes.

Girls with such appearance should be guided to light tones. Thus it isn’t obligatory to choose shades from a cold palette, the warm color scale will help to soften visually an image.

How to understand what hair color suits you: we define cvetotip

Warm colors allow to achieve more harmonious image. Not the best decision dark tone: black, red or chestnut. They will add excess years and is underlined shortcomings on a face.
The light-– brown or it is dark – greenish eyes meet at a warm tsvetotip more often. Such women have slightly swarty or peach outflow of an integument.

At such data it is worth choosing chestnut darkly – fair-haired shades. Also the head of hear with a ryzhinka, with a golden shade or a cappuccino will approach.

And it is worth refusing cold ashy or light brown locks.

By the way, tsvetotipa meet not only in pure form. For example, many to the girl of an eye can have a warm color palette, hair colder.
At a choice of a hair color it should be taken into account also a hairdress. For example, the identical color palette won’t always approach a caret and long ringlets.

Using useful tips, you will be able always to understand for yourself: what color suits me. At a right choice of a color palette your image will become ideal and complete.

Be not afraid of changes. After all appearance changes always bring positive emotions and add appeal.
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To fast meetings, dear readers!

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