Masks for density and growth of hair

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Top of 7 masks for density and growth of hair. 1. Egg and oil mask. The effect of a mustard mask is usually shown for 3-4 days when on the sites deprived of hair there is the first hair down, and usual hair considerably increase in length.

Beautiful hair it not only external beauty and attractiveness, but also the first indicator of that the girl looks after herself. However to achieve magnificent result, in the form of a magnificent bush of hair, not always easily. In respect of care of hair of women it is possible to refer to four categories: 

Masks for density and growth of hair

1. What by nature are given a beautiful head of hear and they never knew problems. 
2. Those who reconciled to the whipped tips and dim hair, and undertake nothing. 3. Those who knows the problem by sight and fights against it correctly. By the way, such girls always look more effectively. 
4. And the last look those who constantly do themselves masks for hair, but don’t receive any result that is very distressing. 
And if you don’t belong to category of rare lucky women from point 1, it is useful for you to learn everything, about care of hair. But in the beginning it is necessary to understand why our hair often look lifeless and dim. 

Harmful factors for hair 

Wrong leaving 
 For a start it is necessary to choose the correct means (shampoo, masks) for your type of hair. If you aren’t sure of a choice of means, it is necessary to address to your hairdresser and to consult with it. 
Stop to be nervous and worry in each occasion. It not only is reflected in hair, but also in yours health. As soon as you learn to control yourself and in time to release all problems, at once you will notice how it to be reflected on 
Improper feeding 
Will be enough to keep the rigid diet, to be fond of vegetarianism or a rawism. Strong hair need healthy food. It is important to watch the body. But after all don’t forget about vitamins which are so necessary to your organism. 
Sea, sun and frost 
If you left for rest to warm regions, don’t forget to take with yourself the Panamanian and spray for hair which promotes protection against the sun. It is necessary to do masks which will moisten your hair in the winter. Only then you will reach the necessary result. How to make hair dense to iuskorit their growth? 
Masks for density and growth of hair Very simply. It is necessary to use masks for density and growth of hair which there is a set. They will help your hair to assume a desired air. If you want a thick hair, fill up the first-aid kit three with types of oils coconut, kastorovy and burdock. We will consider some of types of masks with these oils. 

Top of 7 masks for density and growth of hair 

1. Egg and oil mask 
Is suitable for all four types of hair. 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, 1 teaspoon of cognac, 1 tablespoon of honey enters this mix. At first we rub contents in roots of hair, and then we put on all length, without forgetting about tips. We wind the head with a film and a towel on an hour and a half. Further, we wash away contents by means of shampoo. This mask adds to hair gloss, does them  more dense and more volume. 
2. An oil-alcohol mask for growth and density of hair 
We mix on two tablespoons of alcohol and castor oil. Further mix should be rubbed in roots and to keep thirty minutes. It is recommended to repeat this procedure of times a week. Such mask will help to make hair much more densely and will revitalize head skin. 
3. An oil mask for density of hair 
We connect on 2 tablespoons of burdock and kastorovy oils and we add lemon juice. We put on all length of hair. It is necessary to maintain this mask two hours, after to wash away water by means of shampoo. It will give to your hair volume, and also will accelerate their growth. 
4. A burdock mask with honey for density and growth of hair 
We heat 2 tablespoons of honey in hot water, we add burdock oil of-5-10 drops we mix and the mask is ready to application. We impose it on hair and slightly we rub It is left to be absorbed, minutes 30. Repeyno-medovaya the mask will allow to moisten your hair and will present them beautiful gloss. But be careful since it has the clarifying effect.

5. Castor oil for density of hair 
This simple, but effective mask consists of only one component of castor oil and suits owners of all types of hair. Before rubbing oil in hair, it should be warmed up slightly. From above put on a hat, be wrapped up with a towel and wait half an hour. It is ready! Your hair began to look attractive and well-groomed now. And for those women, whose age stepped for 50, castor oil will become an excellent conditioning agent behind skin.

Masks from mustard oil 

Masks for density and growth of hair 6. Oil masks from mustard – the strong and effective remedy which perfectly proved in stimulation of growth of hair. Mustard oil possesses ability actively to increase inflow of blood to roots that allows to feed hair bulbs with necessary substances. Those who seek to become as soon as possible owners of the smart long hair falling on shoulders will surely estimate effect of this simple natural means. There are some recipes of its application allowing to achieve both improvement, and the accelerated growth of hair.

Mustard oil mask

It is a mask which part exclusively mustard oil is. Its influence eliminates an unpleasant hair loss and interferes with emergence of a premature gray hair. Process of preparation of a mask is extremely simple: it is only necessary to rub mustard oil in indumentum roots, but to wash the head it is possible only 20 minutes later. Mustard oil also is a fine additive to the used shampoos and balsam liquids. Ease of application undoubted plus of this means. 

The restoring mask with mustard oil 
The structure of this mask, except mustard oil includes a nettle. On 100 gr. oils of mustard it is added 50 gr. dry roots of a nettle. The turned-out mix within 5-7 minutes is warmed up on a water bath. It is impossible to allow an overheat, differently components of future mask will lose the properties. 
Having poured mix in glass container, allow it to be drawn under a dense cover. Take to bank week in the dark then the drawn mix should be filtered through a gauze. Now the mustard mask is ready and it is possible to rub it in roots of hair. 3 times a week are desirable to repeat procedure. 
Mask of oil from mustard with addition of red pepper

Often it is effective even in hopeless cases when hair practically stopped the growth. Mask components: 4 dessertspoons of fresh liquid honey, 1 Art. of l of powder of red pepper, 2 tbsps of oil of mustard. All components carefully mix up then the received mix can be rubbed in the head. An indispensable condition the head has to be pure. The cellophane film or a hat, then a terry towel is atop imposed at first. Duration of this procedure is 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to handle such mask very circumspectly. Its penetration into eyes is fraught with big troubles. Besides, the natures predisposed to allergic reactions need to be convinced previously of the immunity both to mustard oil, and to red pepper. 

The effect of a mustard mask is usually shown for 3-4 days when on the sites deprived of hair there is the first hair down, and usual hair considerably increase in length. 
7. A mask with dioxide. 
One of the most effective masks for density and growth of hair. That it will be necessary to come it into a drugstore and to buy dioxide. It strengthens effect of all ingredients of a mask, and is an important component. Mix 1st is required. l. burdock oil, solution of A and E vitamins (on 1 tsp) and lemon juice. (1 tsp). Last step: add five grams of solution of dioxide, and the mask is ready. Carefully we rub it in roots and on length of hair. Then we have a rest hour or so or we go about the own business. We wash away a mask by means of shampoo and the conditioner.

Masks for a gutota and growth of hair according to color

Masks for brunettes

Masks for density and growth of hair It is necessary for you soyedinit1 a tablespoon of powder of cocoa and 100 grams of kefir. (only fresh) the Owner of dry hair it is necessary to add 1 yolk. At a problem with an oily hair, follows dobavitxv structure; 1 protein. Mix needs to be mixed and held carefully on the head half an hour; under a hat. Then wash away.
Masks for blondes
You need a camomile bag which it is necessary to draw in boiled water enough 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to cool infusion, to add 2 tbsps of honey and 1ch. flour spoon. Rub the formed mix in the head and leave for twenty minutes. Applying masks to density and growth of hair, always conform to four basic rules:

  • The first is a mask has to be warm better to get into roots of hair. Only in that case this process promises effect. 
  • The second rule you apply masks only on clean hair and surely rub them the massage movements. 
  • Third rule: if it isn’t specified how much time you need to leave a mask on the head, the average time of 30-40 minutes. To wash away a mask use only warm water.
  • The fourth you put masks once a week. All course of procedures 1mesyats. Further your hair will need rest for the same term. Then you can come back again to medical actions. 

Top – a rating of 5 means for disposal of dim and lifeless hair:

1. Pepper or mustard promotes rapid growth. 
2. Barmy masks promote food of hair. 
3. Cognac the best means to cope with fat content of hair. 
4. The best cleaners are masks on the basis of eggs. 
5. Irrespective of your type of hair, use burdock, cedar, kastorovy and peach oils. 
If you take this advice, literally through short time you will notice that began to look more effectively and is well-groomed, and your hair are poured on the sun and captivate the people surrounding you.

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