Masks for hair on the basis of oils

By | 27.03.2018

In this article it will be a question of masks on the basis of oils. burdock (as well as castor oil stimulates growth of hair, prevents their loss); coconut (adds to hair gloss, creates on them a protective film)

Masks for hair on the basis of oils Each woman, dreams to have a shock of a thick, brilliant, healthy hair. At whom by nature fine hair, try to keep throughout all life their such, and those who isn’t happy with a condition of the hair, stay in continuous search of magic means which will help to reach desirable result. Both complex care behind hair which includes a regular hairstyle, consumption of products, the vitamin-rich and improving a state hair, correctly picked up hairbrush, cosmetics for your type of hair, in particular, of a mask is necessary for those and for others. However besides cosmetic, there is a set of masks which can be prepared in house conditions with smaller financial expenses and bigger advantage for your hair. In this article it will be a question of masks on the basis of oils.

What oils are useful to hair?

Masks for hair on the basis of oils Vegetable and essential oils are useful to hair. Their distinctions are that receive vegetable oils from fruits and seeds of plants, and radio – by distillation of flowers and bark. One more essential distinction is that vegetable oils are sated with fatty acids therefore don’t get into deep layers of skin, and essential oils represent volatile compounds therefore affect the deepest layers of skin. But because of such active influence essential oils can cause an allergy therefore it is necessary to choose the oils suitable you and to use them not in pure form, and to add some drops to basic oil.

And useful to hair from vegetable oils are the most effective

  • kastorovy (accelerates growth of hair);
  • olive (suits all types of hair, does hair brilliant and smooth);
  • hempy (helps hair to hold moisture, protects them from negative impact of environment);
  • burdock (as well as castor oil stimulates growth of hair, prevents their loss);
  • coconut (adds to hair gloss, creates on them a protective film);
  •  corn (strengthens a hair bulb, stimulates regeneration of cells of head skin);
  • pumpkin (strengthens a hair bulb, contains a lot of vitamin E, useful to hair);
  • almond (it is rich with the antioxidants preventing cell aging feeds and restores the injured hair);
  • sea-buckthorn (it is saturated vitamins A and RR, especially well is suitable for a dry and brittle hair);
  • oil jojoba (helps to restore the injured hair, helps to fight against inflammatory processes and irritation of head skin);
  • oil shi you (reproach) (it is used for the splitting hair injured and weakened)
  • oil of wheaten germs (well of the vitamins and microcells useful to hair and head skin);
  • linseed oil (it is vitamin-rich And, E, an omega-3 acids)

These oils can be used as basic. All of them possess useful properties, nourish head skin and improve structure of hair. The majority of these oils can be eaten that too it will well be reflected in a state of health in general and a hair in particular.

Masks for hair on the basis of oils



Essential oils can be divided into groups conditionally:

  • the oils helping to struggle with dandruff (geraniums, a tea tree, a lavender, a sandal-wood tree, a cypress);
  • the oils stimulating growth of hair (ylang-ylang, pine, fir, cedar, tea tree, rosemary, juniper). Masks with these oils cause burning that promotes the strengthened blood circulation in head skin and food of the operating hair bulbs and activation of “sleeping”;
  • the oils regulating work of sebaceous glands (an eucalyptus, patchoulis, a bergamot, a citrus).

Recipes of masks

The warmed-up basic oil applied on head skin and on all length of hair can be the simplest mask. After application of a mask hair need to be washed out carefully.

Masks against a hair loss:

  • to mix 5 tablespoons of burdock oil, 5 drops of essential oil of a ylang-ylang, 4 drops of essential oil of a cedar;
  • To mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil from one tablespoon of oil jojoba, to add 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary.

Nutritious mask:

  • to mix in equal proportions (on 2 tbsps) two basic oils, to add 3 drops of the essential oil which isn’t causing an allergy.

Mask against dandruff:

  • to add to 4 tablespoons of basic oil on 2 drops of essential oils of a sandal-wood tree, a cypress, lavenders.

The mask for a brittle, dry hair, does hair brilliant, restores the damaged structure of hair:

  • to mix four basic oils on 1 tablespoon, to add a yolk and juice of an aloe.

Useful tips

Masks for hair on the basis of oils At a choice of oil it is necessary to remember that the benefit to your hair will be brought by only natural oil. Essential oils should be chosen and applied with extra care because of possible allergic reaction.

For strengthening of efficiency before putting oil it is possible to warm up a little on a water bath, and to massage head skin within several minutes before drawing a mask. When the mask is put, the head can be covered with a polyethylene film, and from above – a warm towel. Also it is possible to add PP, A, E vitamins in oil to masks and vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) in ampoules (it is possible to buy in a drugstore), aloe juice, an egg yolk, cognac. Masks should be done 1-2 times a week.

Remember that in personal care the regularity and then a shock of a thick healthy hair is important won’t keep itself waiting long!

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