Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

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As the most successful masks for hair the Burning mask for growth of hair on the basis of the Recipe of Pepper Tincture hot red pepper the Low-fat pepper mask with air Oil pertsovayaimbirny Video work: effective masks for strengthening and growth of hair.

The long, dismissed, shining with health female hair – weapons of mass destruction. Men aren’t capable to resist magic beauty of healthy female hair, and there is no wonder. What can be more attractive, than the dense, streaming on gentle female shoulders ringlets embracing a back and softly falling on buttocks? From time immemorial girls grew hair, carefully looking after them in aspiration to find the worthy husband. After all there are more than chances successfully to marry was at that, whose braid was thicker and longer. Only that woman who is ready to look after patiently and persistently a head of hear is capable to possess smart hair. For this purpose we suggest you to get acquainted with recipes of the most effective masks for hair which stop loss, improve structure of hair and promote their active growth.

As the most successful masks for hair work

What mechanism of action of the most effective masks for hair in house conditions? Efficiency is meant as fast visible result – improvement of appearance of a head of hear. For achievement of it it is necessary to feed up ringlets vitamins and nutrients, to stimulate growth of new hairs. Honey and an egg yolk – perfectly feed, vegetable oils – transport vitamins K to roots, envelop, improve structure. Air many times over strengthens action of a basic component to which they get.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Long, healthy hair – guarantee of female beauty and sexuality

Growth of hair perfectly becomes more active by means of the masks strengthening blood circulation of head skin. Hair bulbs receive more vitamins and oxygen that gives an impetus to active growth. Traditionally components of such masks are onions, red burning pepper, ginger and mustard. In a combination with such extraordinary useful ingredients as burdock oil, honey and a yolk, the most effective masks for hair with versatile action turn out: from improvement and food before growth acceleration.

Burning mask for growth of hair on the basis of hot red pepper

Preparation of this extreme, but very effective mask requires pepper tincture. It can be bought in a drugstore, and it is possible to make independently.

Recipe of pepper tincture

  1. Cut 4 burning red perchinka on small slices. Be careful – use gloves.
  2. Place pepper in a bottle of vodka of 0,7 l.
  3. Insist about a month in a dark place.

There are different variations of the recipe of a mask with pepper tincture. You can mix ingredients on the discretion, the main thing – be not overzealous with air and concentration of pepper.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Prepare spirit red burning pepper tincture – it will help to grow healthy hair quickly

Low-fat pepper mask with air

You need pepper tincture, air (rosemary, a sandal-wood tree, muscat a nut) rubber gloves, vodka.

  1. Dissolve on 3 thaws of above-mentioned air in 10 ml of pepper tincture.
  2. Dilute the received mix with vodka up to the volume of 100 ml.
  3. Rub in skin, protecting hands gloves.
  4. Washing off isn’t required.
  5. You shouldn’t feel excessive burning (differently immediately wash away a mask cool water).
  6. Carefully protect eyes from hit of pepper tincture.
  7. Use means three times a week within a month.
  8. In rare instances and at violation of a compounding there is a risk of a burn of head skin, be vigilant!

Oil pepper mask with honey and an egg yolk

Usefulness of burdock hair oil can’t simply be overestimated! Therefore any mask including pepper, it is possible to enrich with this product. Honey will add means with the minerals, vital for ringlets. The yolk into similar mixes is entered for the purpose of additional food and simplification of washing off of fat oil from hair.
So, structure:

  • pepper tincture – 1 tbsp;
  • liquid natural fresh honey – 1 tsp;
  • yolk chicken – 1 piece (it is possible to replace with quail yolks);
  • burdock oil – 1 tbsp.

Mix everything and apply mix on head skin, wrap up hair a package or a special hat and wrap up with a towel for 40-60 minutes. Wash away only cool water (isn’t hotter at all!). Do cosmetic procedure no more than two times a week.

How to prepare burdock oil it is independent

To women who aimed to look after hair, won’t prevent to have burdock oil of own production in a stock. After all it is obvious that such product will be much more useful purchased. Especially as in power to make burdock oil to each hostess is no other than an oil extract from burdock roots.

Take any basic oils, which to you to liking, for example: olive, grape seeds, jojoba, almond, apricot, kastorovy, wheaten germs. Mix them in any proportion. Buy dried roots of a burdock in a drugstore. Cut them with small slices. Put in a glass container with lid and fill in with mix of oils. Further – on your discretion. It is possible to leave mix in a dark corner for a month, periodically shaking up. And it is possible to accelerate process, within three days warming up oil mix about an hour on a water bath.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Burdock oil – the real assistant at treatment of hair

The result of such simple actions will please you! You receive the real fragrant burdock oil done with loving care for care of your hair. Add it to any masks and enjoy result.

Mask from a hair loss on the basis of onions juice

The onions mask by right is considered the most effective. And it for certain would find huge popularity among women and only its smell will hardly be to the taste to someone. But if desire to cure the weakened hair hugely, you for certain are able to reconcile to such troubles as onions aroma which especially amplifies at a hairdress namokaniye.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Onions juice – the best means for improvement of head skin and growth of new hair

There is a lot of recipes of onions masks, we will give the most popular of them.

  1. Crush two bulbs in the blender to a kashitseobrazny state.
  2. Add 1 tbsps of liquid fresh honey and 2 tbsps of burdock oil to mix.
  3. For neutralization of a smell it is possible to add some drops of air: rosemary or sandal-wood tree.
  4. Apply an onions mask on head skin, massage roots of hair, distribute a little on length (if you have very dry hair, you apply means only on roots).
  5. Further – according to the standard scheme: put on a package or a hat, be wrapped in a towel. You are masked on the head of 40-60 minutes.
  6. Wash away the water acidified by lemon juice.
  7. Do procedure 2 times a week.

The well-known "hot" mask for hair the mustard

Powder of mustard is known for the clearing and warming properties. In villages it was used often for washing of hair instead of shampoo. Can be for this reason rural beauties were always famous for the most volume and long braids.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Ordinary mustard powder – fine means for food and activization of growth of hair

The mustard mask helped to grow hair to thousands of women therefore by right it is considered one of the most effective. Mustard possesses the drying action therefore it is recommended to add the softening components to masks.

  1. Mix 2 tbsps of mustard powder with a chicken yolk and 2 tbsps of oil of a burdock.
  2. Bring mix to a consistence of rather dense sour cream.
  3. The massage movements distribute a mask on head skin.
  4. Leave a little mix and for all length of hair, but exclude drawing on tips.
  5. It is better to oil tips of hair burdock in advance or any other as mustard can overdry them.
  6. Wrap up the head with a cellophane hat and a towel and you are masked from 15 to 40 minutes.
  7. Watch that the easy poshchipyvaniye of head skin didn’t turn into feeling of strong burning! If it occurred, quickly wash out hair cool water.
  8. Do such procedure no more than 1-2 times a week.

Gelatinous mask for hair with effect of lamination

Gelatin is very useful to ringlets at the expense of protein of collagen which envelops each hair a thin and brilliant plenochka, fills all roughnesses and roughnesses, feeds, protects from external adverse effects. Thus doesn’t make heavier hair at all. If to make a gelatinous mask on all night long, in the morning your ringlets will look as after visit of beauty shop. To strengthen action of a mask, dissolve gelatin not in water, and grass infusion.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Results of application of a gelatinous mask for hair

That is required:

  • 1 tbsps of gelatin;
  • 1/2 glasses of grass broth (for example, camomile + nettle + St. John’s Wort);
  • 2 tbsps of industrial hair conditioner.

Preparation and application of a mask can take more time, in comparison with other recipes, but the result is worth it.

  1. Kill gelatin in broth of herbs on half an hour.
  2. Warm up the inflated gelatin on a water bath, stir slowly it for disposal of lumps.
  3. Add to mix hair conditioner in any quantity. The ready mask has to have a consistence of dense sour cream.
  4. Before going to bed apply means on all length of hair, excepting head skin.
  5. Wrap up the head a polyethylene bandage and put on a warm hat. If it is possible, leave means on hair for the night.
  6. Wash away a mask water in the morning.

The Indian mask for hair the ginger

Ginger – one more useful product which surely will help you to reanimate hair in short terms. The root of this plant contains vitamins and essential oils in the structure. It is useful not only to activization of growth of hair, but also to weight loss, immunity strengthening.

Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Ginger mask for hair – a traditional Indian secret of beauty

The Indian women from time immemorial use the following recipe.

  1. Squeeze out 4 tbsps of ginger juice (use the juice extractor or rub a root on a small grater and wring out).
  2. Mix juice from 2 tsps of a dry ground ginger root.
  3. Add to mix 1 tbsps of honey and couple of tbsp of oil, for example, of the burdock.
  4. Apply a mask on dry hair, rubbing in head skin, and distribute on all volume of hair a little.
  5. You keep means under polyethylene and a terry towel of 30-40 minutes.
  6. Wash away warm water and shampoo.
  7. Do a ginger mask not less than 1 time in 7 days.
Masks for hair effective in house conditions: pepper, mustard, ginger

Use effective house masks

All above-mentioned recipes of masks proved as very effective. The women who used these masks claim that they managed to minimize a hair loss, ringlets became silky, volume, gained gloss and elasticity, in only 2 months of branch on 10 cm! But be extremely careful as above-mentioned masks contain the irritating ingredients which can cause a burn of head skin and mucous covers. Before the first application test a mask on an elbow bend. In case there was a strong burning, reddening, allergic reaction – refuse this procedure. Take care, look after hair, good luck and are beautiful!

Video: effective masks for strengthening and growth of hair

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