Masks for an oily hair: application, rating of the best, house recipes

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K. Therapy Purifying Matt mask oily hair — a medical mask for an oily hair with the matting effect. Lakme. Spain. Depending on functionality. For growth.

Gloss, grease, unpleasant to shiver; improbable speed of pollution; the dandruff which is becoming wet, sticking to everything; the lifeless icicles which aren’t keeping within in one hairdress — it is not all list of those problems which regularly owners of fat type of hair should face. They need to be washed daily to look more or less well-groomed. With them it is constantly necessary to address to trichologists for carrying out medical and cosmetic procedures. They force to sit on the bezuglevodnykh diets. And, of course, for care of them special means are required. In particular, there are special masks for an oily hair possessing the drying properties which though force to forget about the most part of above-mentioned troubles for some time.

Masks for an oily hair: application, rating of the best, house recipes

Purpose of masks for an oily hair

For a start it is worth understanding how the mask against an oily hair works that correctly to apply it. First, it has to clean external signs of this type of locks. The majority of similar means (both store production, and house preparation) successfully cope with many troubles:

  • clean grease gloss;
  • control work of sebaceous glands, reducing quantity of the secret allocated with them;
  • dry;
  • don’t allow ringlets to become soiled quickly;
  • relieve of the becoming wet dandruff flakes;
  • turn lifeless icicles into the smart cascade of well-groomed hair;
  • facilitate laying process;
  • relieve of need of daily washing of the head.

In passing by means of masks for fat type hair it is possible to solve with it and other problems if they are intended:

  1. for growth;
  2. for density;
  3. for strengthening;
  4. from loss;
  5. from dandruff;
  6. against thinning.

The mask for an oily hair in house conditions as it differs in more natural structure (eggs, kefir, mustard, oils etc.) will be to the taste to someone more. Others will prefer to get already ready option of store production with parabens, sulfates, but thus incredibly effective and almost instantly acting. Here, as they say, matter of taste. But thus it is necessary to consider that all of them demand special rules of application.

Stubborn statistics. At blondes very seldom hair happen fat type. Most often brunettes and brown-haired women suffer from this misfortune.

Masks for an oily hair: application, rating of the best, house recipes

Why hair need the moistening mask as it is correct to do it:

Secrets of use of coconut oil for care of hair.

Rules of application

Store and house masks for an oily hair will be effective only in case you correctly use them. Therefore surely study the instruction of application for the first and rules of preparation — for the second.

  1. Study ratings of the best masks (one of them is given below). Choose 2-3 suitable options.
  2. See on them responses. Leave 2 pleasant products.
  3. Upon purchase don’t neglect consultation of the expert to make a right choice.
  4. Study the instruction to application.
  5. As a rule, masks for an oily hair are applied only on head skin where sebaceous glands settle down.
  6. Be careful with the masks containing oils (any: vegetable, cosmetic), as they too dense and fat consistence which can aggravate a condition of locks. If their application is necessary, you watch that were a part of such masks red pepper, spirit tinctures, mustard, vodka etc.
  7. After drawing over a mask the polyethylene hat for a shower is put on and the head obvorachivatsya by a warm towel.
  8. Time of action will depend on components: of 15 minutes till 2 o’clock.
  9. It is necessary to wash away in a large amount of warm water. It is good to acidify it lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.
  10. Application frequency — 2 times a week.
  11. Course — not less than a month.
  12. If the mask didn’t help, try to replace structure or a brand. If it was absolutely useless, the best exit — to ask for the help the trichologist or in beauty shop (the center of esthetic medicine).

It was necessary to find out, what masks for an oily hair it is better to choose. You want fast action, aren’t under strained circumstances, you aren’t afraid of accustoming to chemically active ingredients, you trust the modern byyuti-industry — then branded products of store production for you. You prefer natural components, you look for more budgetary options, you are afraid for a condition of the painful locks, you practice grandmother’s recipes — in that case will help out folk remedies.

Good advice. Try one very effective, but demanding will power remedy for an oily hair. Stop to use too greasy, fried, oil food. You are surprised that 2 weeks of the changed food later the condition of locks will significantly improve.

Masks for an oily hair: application, rating of the best, house recipes

Branded masks for an oily hair

The best masks for an oily hair are collected especially for you in a small rating which will allow to orient in brands and the prices.

  1. Scalp Treatment — a mask for fat head skin. Moroccanoil. Israel. $140.
  2. Mask for fat head skin with melissa oil. Orising. Spain. $100.
  3. Astringent Mask — a mask for an oily hair. Holy Land. Israel. $36,6.
  4. Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner — the clearing mask for fat head skin with the beautiful name “Cold Orange”. Lebel. Japan. $32.
  5. K.Therapy Purifying Matt mask oily hair — a medical mask for an oily hair with the matting effect. Lakme. Spain. $31.
  6. Reduce Clay — a mask on the basis of clay for fat head skin. Selective. Italy. $22,9.
  7. The absorbing mud paste for fat head skin. Kapous Professional. Russia. $6,6.
  8. Mask mud a relax an anti-stress with hollyhock extract. Constant Delight. Italy. $4,8.
  9. Grain mask for an oily hair. DNC. Russia. $1,4.
  10. Mask for hair on the basis of dirt of the Saksky lake. Deep clarification for an oily hair. Med Formula. Russia. $1.

These are the most effective masks for an oily hair which passed numerous laboratory researches and tests. Besides, it is possible to find the mass of positive comments on them in a network. So study, choose and you treat on health the locks that they looked stunningly. If there is no restriction in finance, of course, to get pharmaceutical means from eminent brands better. In particular, good production goes from Israel which is not so much cosmetics, how many medical preparations.

It is interesting. The factor, the first on prevalence provoking fat content and greasiness of hair — is heredity, genetic predisposition. And only as the second the way of life acts.

Masks for an oily hair: application, rating of the best, house recipes

House recipes

House recipes of masks for an oily hair from those products which you can always find at yourself in kitchen or as a last resort — in the first-aid kit can become fine alternative to branded means. They are natural, in them there is no chemistry, an allergy and other side effects — a big rarity. But for treatment of so problem ringlets there is nothing better.

Depending on structure

  • Mustard mask

The best the mask for an oily hair with mustard which can be done few times in a week according to the following recipe is considered. Carefully to mix in the enameled ware on 30 gr mustard powder, warm water, olive oil, granulated sugar and a crude egg yolk. To moisten previously tips of hair with any cosmetic or vegetable oil. To apply the prepared structure on roots of hair. To hang the head down, properly to promassirovat it, to comb locks, evenly distributing the drying means. To put on a hat for a shower, to make a turban of a towel. To hold from 15 to 30 minutes. At strong burning right there to wash away a mask in a large amount of warm water.

Perfectly the recipe of a house mask for an oily hair with egg and kefir will help to cope with grease gloss. The first product feeds, the second — strengthens. The glass of the fat-free kefir to shake up with crude egg. To rub in roots, then — to distribute by means of a hairbrush on all length of locks. To keep under warming of half an hour till 1,5 o’clock.

The medical mask from clay will be suitable for an oily hair to those who, besides their greasiness, experiences also other difficulties: loss, dandruff, thinning, avitaminosis etc. Best of all will cope with the task I kit — cosmetic clay of blue color. To mix 50 gr blue powder from 20 ml of lemon juice, crude egg white, 2 tablespoons of honey. If it is necessary, to part with the distilled water. Action time — no more than 20 minutes.

  • With burdock oil

Many write that the burdock mask for an oily hair is good for food of roots and loss treats. But thus you shouldn’t forget that oil of very fat consistence which can aggravate a condition of locks of this kind is its part. Therefore surely trace that in the recipe, except it, there were drying, aggressive substances: mustard, cinnamon, onions, garlic or liquids with the content of alcohol. To warm up 30 ml of burdock oil on a water (steam) bath, to mix with crude egg white and 10 gr ground Chilean pepper. To hold before emergence strongly burnings or 15 minutes (at most).

Depending on functionality

The mask for growth of an oily hair from tincture of red pepper which in number of 2 tablespoons needs to be mixed with 1 ripe avocado puree is very good.

That locks didn’t hang lifeless icicles, try the recipe of a house mask for density of an oily hair. To mix 50 gr the enjoyed coffee thick with the same amount of broth from a camomile pharmaceutical. To add on 7 drops of essential oils of a tea tree and a ylang-ylang.

  • For strengthening

Eliminates grease gloss and in passing feeds roots, preventing their loss, a mask for strengthening of an oily hair. To fill in 3 pods of red burning pepper with a glass of vodka. To leave for 10 days in a dark place. Before application to mix with kastorovy and burdock oils (on a tea spoon). To rub structure in head skin, to sustain 2 hours under a towel.

It is possible to make rather burning and zapashisty, but very effective mask for an oily hair from loss of onions and garlic. They need to be crushed to a condition of mashed potatoes, to mix on 2 tablespoons, to dilute with olive or burdock oil to the necessary consistence. To rub in roots. To wash away in 15-20 minutes. That on ringlets there was no unpleasant garlick and onions smell, after procedure it is possible to rinse them with water with the apple cider vinegar dissolved in it.

Beet masks for an oily hair from dandruff surprise with simplicity of the preparation and maximum efficiency. To crush fresh, juicy beet to a condition of mashed potatoes and, not to wring out juice, to rub in head skin and roots for 20-30 minutes.

  • For a fine hair

The following recipe of a house mask for an oily and fine hair will allow to add to your hairdress of volume and density. To mix 50 ml of oil jojoba with 2 crude, beaten in foam whites. To add 5 drops of air of a geranium.

You shouldn’t despair if the nature allocated you with fat type of hair. For a start be convinced that it is genes against which there is no medicine. After all your own way of life (of course, wrong) becomes very often provocative factor, but you will be able to cope with it. To improve a state grease, always dirty locks the masks described above will help. And it is unimportant what you will make a choice — store or house. The main thing — competently to use them to achieve an advantage maximum.

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