Masks for rapid growth of hair – the best national recipes

By | 27.03.2018

Hair grow in youth quickly and look always magnificently. And here after thirty processes also your hair any more not those are slowed down. There are also other situations when after a short hairstyle there is a strong wish.

Masks for rapid growth of hair – the best national recipes Hair grow in youth quickly and look always magnificently. And here after thirty processes also your hair any more not those are slowed down. There are also other situations when after a short hairstyle there is a strong wish to braid a braid on fashion. And then all means for rapid growth of hair – masks, creams and lotions are used. Women for the sake of beauty are capable to pull up trees. With what it is necessary to begin?

How to increase growth of hair

Of course, most quicker to go to expensive beauty shop and to increase a braid to a belt. But not all have means for such radical decisions. Therefore it is necessary to begin not cosmetic procedures, and with cleaning of the organism.

The first steps to magnificent hair

Masks for rapid growth of hair – the best national recipes If you decided to act, you need to remember the simplest rules. All that happens to your hair, usually is a problem of all organism in general. Malfunctions with a liver, a stomach and even mental disorders can provoke a stop of growth of hair. If you for certain know about existence of such problems at yourself, address to the doctor.

Food is more than important. Start eating the correct food. All products containing calcium, potassium and phosphorus are useful to hair. Generally, create the diet so that in it there were all useful substances.

If you smoke – throw. Hair suffer from tobacco more than lungs. They cease to grow and shine, and their tips start splitting. In such conditions of a mask for rapid growth of hair won’t give the necessary effect.

Correct leaving

To look after hair correctly, a lot of time isn’t required. You need to develop at yourself some useful habits.

House masks for very rapid growth of hair

For acceleration of growth of hair masks which part the warming components causing intensive inflow of blood to head skin are usually are selected. Thus, follicles receive additional feed by useful substances, from it hair start growing. If you didn’t have any component, don’t despair, at you will be from what to choose. The best masks for rapid growth of hair are given below.

National recipes

The cheapest product helping to accelerate growth of hair is a red pepper. Only handle with it with care that burning mix didn’t get to eyes. It is for this purpose recommended to get the special absorbing bandage. To avoid burns, pepper is mixed usually with other ingredients which feed and hair treat.

  • The mask from pepper and honey helps to grow hair on 6 centimeters within two months. It prepares simply. To stir one spoon of chili powder and four spoons of honey to uniformity and to apply on clean head skin. From above to put on a polyethylene hat and to wrap up with a dense towel. Everything is washed away in 40 minutes by warm water. If you feel strong burning and discomfort, it isn’t necessary to suffer, wash away earlier.
  • Red
  • Masks for rapid growth of hair – the best national recipespepper tincture can be rubbed directly in roots of hair every other day. It becomes simply: one pod of pepper is filled in with 200 grams of vodka and 3-4 weeks in a dark place are drawn. Tincture by means of a wadded tampon for an hour before washing of the head is applied. Only it must be kept in mind that alcohol very much dries skin and over time there can be a dandruff. If skin is inclined to dryness, it is better to dilute tincture as it is described in the following recipe.
  • One spoon of castor oil, as much pepper tinctures and two spoons of any balm for hair properly to stir. To apply mix on roots by means of a brush or an old toothbrush. During procedure skin will burn down, but burns can’t be because of oil in structure. Therefore try to hold on not less than an hour. It is necessary to repeat a burning session each two days. Result – 7 centimeters in two months.
  • The following mix suits more owners of an oily hair. For its preparation it is required on 2 spoons of dry mustard, olive oil, sugar and hot water. At first dry ingredients with oil mix up, and water is added only then. Mix rushes on head skin and is kept in the warm from 15 minutes to hour. It is washed away by warm water, and then shampoo. Not to overdry tips of hair, it is possible to oil previously them the warmed-up sunflower. If you have a ready means for protection of tips, use it. Procedure repeats once a week within 2 months and promises to extend hair on 5-6 centimeters.

Pharmaceutical options

National masks for rapid growth of hair were used by our grandmothers for a long time. Cosmetologists welcome all these recipes, but they are experts and got used to work more considerably. Therefore added components which not only accelerate growth process to recipes, but also sate hair with all necessary useful substances. Behind them it is necessary to descend in a drugstore, but purchase strongly won’t cost a pretty penny, all these preparations are available.

  • The mask with the dimeksidy gets deeply into hair bulbs and strengthens them. From this structure your head of hear will become much more dense. Mix on a tablespoon of castor and burdock oil, warm up on a water bath and add on a teaspoon of juice of an aloe and a dimeksid. At first apply mix on roots and skin, and then distribute the remains on all length of hair. In 40 minutes wash away in the usual way.
  • Masks for rapid growth of hair – the best national recipesThis structure is similar with previous, but it is more vitaminized. Mix on a tablespoon of kastorovy and burdock oils, on a teaspoon of vitamins A, E, B1, B6, V12i the same quantity of a dimeksid. Stir everything to uniformity and add one yolk (it is desirable to use house eggs). To hold 35-40 minutes and to wash away warm water.
  • This mix will force hair to shine healthy gloss as in advertizing, and in two months will extend your braid on 5-6 cm. You put this mask every time before washing of the head. It is required to you: 2 spoons of honey, as much any hair balm and on one ampoule of vitamins C, B12, B6. Honey is kindled previously to very liquid state on a water bath. All ingredients mix up just before procedure. Further the mask needs to be applied on skin and hair to the tips then very warmly to wrap up the head, generally, to create effect of a sauna. To wash away in an hour water, and then – shampoo.
  • Effective masks for rapid growth of hair prepare also on the basis of a nonsense – a fresh-water sponge. It is possible to buy it in a drugstore. However, It should be noted that it is necessary to handle with it very with care and not to overdo on time to avoid burns. After a mask with a nonsense head skin can burn down and prick within three-four days therefore it can’t be repeated more often than once a week. Structure simple: a nonsense mix with hydrogen peroxide (3%) one to one, a little bit warm up on a water bath. Apply this mask only on head skin. It is necessary to hold it 20-30 minutes, but at a strong pricking it is possible to wash away earlier.

What option of a mask for rapid growth of hair you wouldn’t choose, carry out always one rule – be pedantic. Don’t forget to do regularly procedure, and result you won’t weary expectations. You love yourself and surrounding you will love too.

The video recipe of a mask for acceleration of growth of hair

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