Miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair

By | 27.03.2018

The recipe of the mask stimulating growth of hair: A miracle the mask for growth of hair is based that mustard "bakes", thus head skin. Besides that the mask with mustard has effect of acceleration of growth of hair, it promotes their strengthening, gives to hair the volume and density.

Miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair

Each woman dreams about beautiful, healthy, brilliant and, of course, long hair. After all most often the woman is compelled to do a short hairstyle from – that her hair aren’t rather good. Therefore each of us would like to have such means which would stimulate growth of hair in the arsenal, would force them grow quicker. And such means is, this miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair. With its help it is possible to become the owner of long, smart ringlets.

It is a little about physiology

If who doesn’t know: in a month the normal healthy hair grows on average by 10 – 15 mm. In recalculation in a year 12 – 18 cm turn out. And if to use the means stimulating growth of hair, it is possible to reach 22 – 25 mm a month, i.e. in a year hair can grow to 30 cm.

However for achievement of such effect it is necessary to carry out stimulation of growth of hair correctly. And it can’t achieve without strengthening of blood circulation of head skin and formation of new hair follicles.

It is also necessary to remember that the hair is proteinaceous structure therefore if in your diet carbohydrates prevail or you adhere to a strict diet, it will hardly turn out to achieve the good length of hair from you.

Long and beautiful hair demand enough proteinaceous connections and a full-fledged complex of microcells, such as calcium, zinc, silicon and other vitamins. Not to stoitnachinat to grow hair to those women who expect appearance of the child on light or nurse since during this period there is a hormonal reorganization in an organism.

The saloon procedure influencing growth of hair

It is possible to register in stimulation of growth of hair in salon, and it is possible to carry out this procedure and houses. If to speak about saloon conditions, hairdressers cultivate growth of hair by means of procedure which is called a mesotherapy. This procedure provides hit of active agents directly in a hair bulb, breaking an epidermalny barrier.

The mesotherapy of head skin is carried out by means of professional cocktails which perfectly stimulate growth of hair at the expense of powerful and safe products of biotechnology which basis is made by a placenta. Through only 4 – 6 sessions much more intensive growth of hair is observed.

Miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair

How in house conditions to have impact on growth of hair?

In house conditions as a growth factor of hair various masks which cause a rush of blood to a head integument act. This effect can achieve by means of tincture of pepper, essential oils, mix of kastorovy and burdock oils, and many other. The big benefit to hair is brought by oil wrappings and compresses on the basis of such oils, as olive, burdock and kastorovy, and also essential oil of a juniper and rosemary.

Yeast – an excellent growth factor of hair. It is difficult to overestimate value of barmy masks for hair, and reception of beer yeast can provide completely hair with all necessary useful substances and vitamins.

The recipe of the mask stimulating growth of hair:

Miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair

  • Miracle the mask for growth of hair is based that mustard “bakes”, thus head skin gets warm, to hair bulbs starts flowing blood better. To prepare a mask, it is necessary to part in 2-x a tablespoon of the warmed-up water of 2 tablespoons of dry mustard, to add a yolk of one egg, 2 tablespoons of cosmetic oil (it can be both burdock, and peach oil or any other). And the last component – sugar, in number of 2-x h. l.
  • To apply structure on head skin in order that the mask didn’t affect hair, it is better to grease previously them with any of the listed oils, to pay special attention to dry tips. From above the head needs to be covered with cellophane and to wrap up with woolen fabric, for example, a scarf.
  • Time of influence of a mask from a quarter of hour till one o’clock, everything depends on that, the person will feel how comfortably. If bakes not strongly, it is possible to wait also full hour if to suffer there are no forces, no more than 20 min.
  • Especially sensitive it is necessary to warn that the minimum 15 min. it is necessary to wait surely even if there is a feeling that head skin burned down at all. Hair and head skin won’t manage to suffer for a quarter of hour, and having coped with motivation all this from themselves to wash away, then it will be easier to stay and a floor of hour, and the whole hour.
  • The mask isn’t intended for frequent application, at most – 1 time in seven days if hair very fat, it is possible to make also two times.
  • After passes the put time, the mask needs to be washed away warm water, then to wash up hair with shampoo. After that it is possible to apply the habitual balm on hair or to get a ready mask which is also the activator of growth of hair.
  • If you really aimed to grow in a short space of time long hair, the mask needs to be done regularly if it is impossible once a week then once a month. Besides that the mask with mustard has effect of acceleration of growth of hair, it promotes their strengthening, gives to hair the volume and density, long time deletes surplus of fat, so hair will look pure.
  • Many men who used this mask for fight against baldness, claim that after its application for them there were new hair on high temples, hair became more dense even if before didn’t differ in similar property.

Recipes of masks for hair

  • this recipe requires a medicamentous preparation dimeksid in number of 2-x h. l., oil solution of vitamin E, oil solution of vitamin A and juice of a lemon. To rub the received mix in roots of hair, after to comb. From above to put on cellophane the head, to wrap up cotton fabric. To sustain within an hour;
  • this recipe requires fresh onions juice in quantity two – three tablespoons, cologne or honey in equal shares. To rub structure in roots of hair, to cover with cellophane and to stick a scarf. To sustain during 2-x hours, to wash away. The mask needs to be done 1 – 2 time in seven days, as a result hair will be stronger, silky and brilliant, their growth will be accelerated, dandruff will disappear. At the weakened hair after coloring or a chemical wave the mask can be used every day.

How the hairstyle influences growth of hair?

It is no secret that the hairstyle positively influences growth of hair. And many would like to learn: How it is often necessary to cut hair that they grew quicker? Experts it is recommended to cut the ends of hair on 5 – 8 mm once in a quarter. Thus it is necessary to choose the correct hairstyle as it is pledge of an easy otrashchivaniye. You remember if you aimed to grow hair, you shouldn’t choose hairstyles with asymmetry.

Miracle the mask accelerating growth of hair

The best base for an otrashchivaniye is the classical caret. However it doesn’t mean at all that if you now carry a hairstyle the cascade, you need to shear it under a caret to start growing hair.

To grow hair it is possible to begin, having any hairstyle which would mean an insignificant difference of locks on length. And in order that tips of hair looked more live, and gave in to laying better, it is necessary to filirovat them equipment “direct scissors”.

Straight and unruly hair can be stimulated by means of long-term biolaying, such effect of the weakened wave doesn’t demand daily laying and what – that of additional loads of hair which and need so food and moistening from out of.

What else there are ways of impact on growth of hair?

Many women use an astrology to grow hair and it must be said, not without success. So, if to follow a lunar calendar, for more rapid growth of hair it is necessary to choose the period when the moon starts growing.

Today there is a huge set of the means stimulating growth of hair. In this article you learned about some of them. We hope that they will help you to execute your old and cherished dream – to have beautiful long hair.

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