Nutritious mask for hair: ingredients, application, recipes

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Nutritious mask for growth of hair. To mix warm linseed oil (1 tablespoon) with fresh egg. A thin stream to pour in 1 tablespoon of cognac and the honey (1 tea spoon) kindled on water baths.

Noticed, what your ringlets grew dull and became fragile? Tips start splitting ruthlessly, and on a hairbrush remains more and more the dropped-out locks? It is impossible to treat it thoughtlessly and to hope that everything will improve by itself over time. It is necessary to undertake measures urgently. Most often the condition of locks worsens in a cold season when the organism doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals. And the nutritious mask for hair, and not from the shelf of shop from an expensive brand, and prepared in house conditions can become a life-saver in this case. It contains the mass of useful substances which in short terms can reanimate the injured, tired ringlets.

Nutritious mask for hair: ingredients, application, recipes

Efficiency of nutritious masks for hair

The prepared from natural products, house nutritious masks for hair can solve the most widespread problems if only they aren’t connected with any internal diseases. If appearance of ringlets leaves much to be desired only because seasonal avitaminosis began and the organism catastrophically doesn’t have useful substances, nutritious masks will correct a situation in the shortest terms. On what it is possible to hope after their application:

  • gloss and shine will be returned;
  • hair will cease to drop out in such quantity, as earlier as roots will receive necessary food and strengthening;
  • growth of ringlets becomes more active;
  • greasiness and fat content as work of hypodermic glands will be modified will leave;
  • dryness and itch of head skin will leave as the most part of nutritious masks possesses the moistening properties;
  • tips will cease to split;
  • the painted locks come to life and gain gloss of natural color;
  • the fragile, injured hair will be restored.

If nutritious masks for hair in house conditions are made correctly, it is possible to count on their high efficiency. After all the majority of problems with them is caused by that modern living conditions deprive our ringlets of useful substances. They receive less them, and all exchange processes at the cellular level as a result are broken. Result — the dim, thinned, fragile, dropping out locks. And no store means can correct a situation because only make heavier and spoil hair silicone and other chemical, not really useful connections. And what is a part of house nutritious masks?

It is curious!

Hair — the second for speed growing fabric in a human body. On the first place — marrow. So help the ringlets to support this palm: intensify their growth by means of nutritious masks.

Nutritious mask for hair: ingredients, application, recipes

Macadamia hair oil will help to cope with disobedient ringlets.

If you haven’t enough time, use fast masks:

Structure of masks for food of hair

That the good nutritious mask for hair turned out, it is necessary to prepare in advance those ingredients which will make it the most useful to health and beauty of ringlets. It is necessary to understand that cognac or mustard which are often used for preparation of house means on care of hair, solve some specific problem with ringlets, but don’t feed them. But there are special products — so-called champions according to the content of vitamins and minerals. They also need to be included in masks which will feed locks from the roots to tips, in a complex influencing their health and appearance. The following groups of components treat them.

  1. Dairy products:
    • kefir;
    • milk;
    • curdled milk;
    • sour cream.
  2. Cosmetic oils:
    • kastorovy;
    • the burdock;
    • the sea-buckthorn;
    • the almond;
    • the linen;
    • jojoba.


  3. herbs infusions:
    • nettles;
    • burdock;
    • oak bark;
    • calendulas;
    • plantain;
    • camomiles;
    • horsetail.
  4. Food:
    • egg;
    • honey;
    • fruit: avocado, banana, orange, lemon;
    • tea black and green.

Don’t forget also about pharmaceutical vitamins (all range) and cosmetic clay which perfectly feed roots of hair and locks from within. To achieve from such masks an advantage maximum, it is necessary to know that this h it is combined from this list, in what proportions they mix up (i.e. it is necessary to find recipes of nutritious masks for hair). Well and, of course, previously to study rules of their preparation and application not to be disappointed in the chosen means.

It is interesting!

On envy to all women, scientists found out that at men hair even without nutritious masks grow quicker, than representatives of a fine half have mankind.

Nutritious mask for hair: ingredients, application, recipes

Secrets of application of nutritious masks for hair

It seems that there is nothing more simply, than to prepare a nutritious mask: to take the ingredients specified in the recipe to mix, apply on locks, to wash away and rejoice to the received result. However everything isn’t so simple. In this case too there are the nuances which it is better to examine in advance, and differently all procedure can only enrage and disappoint.

Stage 1: choice of ingredients

  1. If you chose as a basis for the nutritious mask dairy products, they have to correspond to your type of hair. If you dry, kefir, cream, milk have to have them the maximum fat content. If the fat — minimum. The average percent of this indicator of dairy products will be suitable for normal ringlets.
  1. The main purpose of dairy products — food and restoration of the damaged, fragile, splitting locks.
  2. It is desirable for owners to use cosmetic oils dry, dehydrated, dim, lost a hair shine. They — fine humidifiers in addition also interfere with loss.
  3. If you feel that a condition of hair critical, and simply nutritious masks can not cope with the functions, instead of liquids include in them medicinal herbs infusions. First, they will add means with vitamins and minerals. Secondly, will strengthen roots. Thirdly, intensify growth of ringlets.
  4. The whole egg is better to use for food of normal type of hair, separate protein — for dehumidification of fat locks, a yolk — for moistening dry.
  5. One of the most popular nutritious products for preparation of the masks rescuing hair from avitaminosis — is honey. If it natural, fresh, through some applications of honey means lifeless and dim locks start being restored to life. Many cosmetologists call honey one of the most useful products for hair in the period of shortage of vitamins.
  6. Good nutritious masks for hair turn out from fruit, but with them it is necessary to be accurater. The mashed potatoes prepared from them and used in the general mix can remain on ringlets subsequently and create difficulties when rinsing.
  7. Instead of liquid in nutritious masks for hair, besides medicinal herbs, it is possible to use strong made tea. To brunettes black grades are recommended, to blondes and brown-haired women — green.
  8. For hair (even if it isn’t specified in the recipe) it is possible to add to any mask on 1 ampoule of pharmaceutical vitamins. And within nutritious procedure any will approach — tocopherol, an askorbinka, from group B, Retinolum.
  9. Cosmetic clay renders more medical, than nutritious effect, but in the period of her avitaminosis too it is possible to use actively to recover locks.

Stage 2: preparation of a mask

  1. In 2 hours prior to preparation of a mask get ingredients from the refrigerator. They have to be room temperature (in particular, it belongs to a milk and to eggs).
  2. Cosmetic oils and honey are warmed up on water or steam baths. However keep in mind that if together with them in the recipe eggs, vitamins or essential oils are specified, heating shouldn’t exceed 35 °C. Otherwise eggs will turn, and vitamins and air will lose all the nutritious properties.
  3. For mixture of ingredients use glass, ceramic or wooden ware. Metal will make oxides, adjoining to active agents. They can spoil impression of a mask.
  4. It is better to shake up nutritious mixes the mixer that the mask turned out easy, air, without lumps: so she will better lay down on hair.
  5. Powder of cosmetic clay needs to be diluted with any liquid of room temperature to a kremoobrazny state, and then already to add to the general structure of the recipe.

Stage 3: drawing

  1. Check, whether the allergy mask will cause. For this purpose grease with a small amount of the prepared mix a wrist for about 10 minutes. After washing off it will be necessary to wait for hours 4-5. If on the processed place there are no itch and burning, can fearlessly apply a mask on hair.
  2. At first — to rub structure in head skin, roots, to massage within a minute.
  3. Then by means of a hairbrush to distribute a mask on locks.
  4. And, at last, plentifully to moisten tips in solution.
  5. Pin up long locks on the top.
  6. To put on a bathing hat, from above — a scarf.
  7. To relax for 40-50 minutes, to have a rest, the mask works so far.
  8. Later this time to wash away nutritious structure from hair by means of natural shampoo under a stream of warm water.
  9. As the last rinsing you can use broths of herbs, lemon water or the same tea.

Nutritious masks can be done 1-2 times a week, depending on their state. Within 1-2 months, depending on intensity of use, the result then it is expedient to make a break has to be swept up. Cosmetologists recommend to conduct 2-3 such full courses from November to May inclusive when the organism doesn’t have enough nutrients. Even if it is good to eat, many useful microcells go to a cold season for work of internals, and they aren’t enough for hair and skin. Such problem will be effectively solved by nutritious masks which recipes it is possible to find big quantity.

Good advice

In parallel with nutritious masks for strengthening and a hair reconstruction include in a diet a salmon, eggs, carrots and it is as much as possible green vegetables. It will bring noticeable results.

Nutritious mask for hair: ingredients, application, recipes

Recipes of nutritious masks

Depending on ingredients, masks will not only feed hair, but also to render on them some additional, pronounced action. Usually it is specified in the beginning of the recipe. Turn on this attention to pick up means, the most suitable under your individual inquiries

  • Nutritious mask for the injured hair

2 leaves of an aloe to crush, mix with 1 whole egg, to add 1 tea spoon of lemon juice.

In one capacity to mix and warm up on a water bath of 2 tablespoons of castor oil and 1 tablespoon of burdock oil. To bring them to slightly warm state, and then to add to them 1 crude yolk.

  • Nutritious mask for hair with oil

To mix sea-buckthorn and olive oils in the warm, warmed-up state in a proportion 10 to 1.

  • Nutritious mask for growth of hair

To mix warm linseed oil (1 tablespoon) with fresh egg. A thin stream to pour in 1 tablespoon of cognac and the honey (1 tea spoon) kindled on water baths.

  • Mask for hair nutritious and moistening

By the sizes of banana to mix pulp of 1 average with such amount of fat sour cream that kremoobrazny mix turned out.

  • The nutritious restoring mask for hair

To mix warm glycerin (50 ml) with 1 whole crude egg, to add 2 tablets of ascorbic acid, rastolchyonny in powder, to bring to the necessary consistence the warm filtered or mineral water.

  • Nutritious mask for a dyed hair

To mix 2 yolks with warm burdock oil (3 tablespoons) and a camomile infusion pharmaceutical (50 ml), to add the kindled honey (1 tea spoon) and sour cream (1 tablespoon).

  • The strengthening nutritious mask for hair

2 tablespoons of juice of an aloe with castor oil (1 tablespoon) and liquid honey (the same quantity) mix up.

To shine in the summer in all beauty, take care in the winter of a condition of the ringlets. The more often you will indulge them nutritious masks, the they will be better to look even during the outbreaks of avitaminosis. Let’s the weakened immunity spoil beauty of hair: useful tips and recipes from this article will help you with it.

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