Oil gold silk activator of growth of hair: comments on him, its properties and structure

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Healthy, thick and long hair was always a subject of pride of a fine half of mankind, but every year less and less women can brag of such wealth.

Healthy, thick and long hair was always a subject of pride of a fine half of mankind, but every year less and less women can brag of such wealth. The ecology, stresses, bad food – all this negatively affects not only hair, but also on health in general. To rescue the ringlets, to make them beautiful, healthy — millions of women look for all new ways, experimenting both folk remedies, and the professional. Someone finds at once the means, and someone looks for it for years. Someone is ready to spend for it a fortune, and to someone it — not in power therefore it is very important to find a cosmetic product which will combine the acceptable price and a good result in such situations. Carry Gold Silk oil to one of such means – the activator of growth of hair.

Structure and properties of oil

Oil cosmetic: the activator of growth of hair of the Gold Silk series from the producer “National crafts”, is created to strengthen thin and lifeless locks, to accelerate growth of hair and to prevent their loss. Gold Silk oil looks after not only indumentum, but also head skin.

Producers carry to its properties:

  • activation of growth of locks;
  • strengthening of hair;
  • increase in density;
  • emergence of gloss;
  • restore structure of hair;
  • prevention, stop of loss of locks.

Oil gold silk activator of growth of hair: comments on him, its properties and structure

Action of this cosmetic product is directed on awakening of the sleeping hairs, and also reduction of their phase of a dream. The Gold Silk activator oil awakens vital resources of all hairs, stimulating their active growth. Besides, ringlets become strong and brilliant from roots to tips.

Active components of Gold Silk oil natural oils, vitamins and perfumery composition. Are its part: oil extracts of parsley, aloe, soy, kastorovy, burdock oils, vitamins E, F, A. Besides, Gold Silk oil is enriched with P5,PP vitamins, extracts of a gold root, a nettle, rosemary.

Gold Silk oil quite simple in use, has the convenient batcher, pleasant aroma. It is necessary to apply its once in ten-twelve days before washing of the head on damp roots of locks for 30-40 minutes, and after to wash away shampoo. Oil is well washed away, without burdening ringlets. This cosmetic product remarkably restores hair after coloring or chemical waves, is suitable for all types of hair. Comments on him generally good.

For achievement of faster effect, producers recommend to use shampoo and balm of the Gold Silk series. The activator oil from “National Trade” passed efficiency test by “The center for certification of perfumery cosmetic production and services” that speaks about its high productivity. It is recognized as highly effective cosmetic hair care product which does locks as silk.

Opinion of experts

Experts consider this oil — a fine prophylactic from baldness. They are sure that in most cases it is effective and for acceleration of growth of locks. Besides, it well strengthens roots of hair and positively affects their structure, doing ringlets similar to silk. Its properties are similar to good expensive mask for hair.

Of course, hairdressers can’t give 100% of a guarantee that this cosmetic product will suit all, but advise it to try. The only caution — is that the people inclined to an allergy need to use means with care. Though its structure has a natural basis, but nevertheless, there can be an individual intolerance of one of them. As well as for any preparation used for the first time experts recommend to carry out allergic test before the first procedure.

To put the given cosmetic product for growth of hair, best of all with the massing movements. Blood circulation will improve then, and oil will be absorbed more effectively that will lead to faster restoration of cores of hairs. As a result — baldness will be prevented, and hair will waken from hibernation and quicker grow that respectively will increase density, volume of a head of hear.

Experts carry to advantages of this cosmetic:

  • reasonable price;
  • natural structure;
  • high efficiency;
  • opportunity to use in house conditions;
  • simplicity in use.

It is necessary to store it in a dry place at the room temperature.

Many who used this product — note such positive actions on ringlets:

  • look brilliant and silky;
  • began to drop out less;
  • quickly grow (on 3 cm in 1,5 months and more);
  • there are many new hairs;
  • comb hair better;
  • become more dense.

Oil gold silk activator of growth of hair: comments on him, its properties and structure

Buyers carried to negative sides of a product that means is badly washed away (from the second, third time), but it is a small shortcoming, agree.

Besides, the price of such means is available to much – about hundred rubles for a bottle of 90 ml and a smell of means very pleasant, according to many buyers. Generally, responses generally positive about it.

“Will approach or won’t approach — can you shouldn’t guess? It is necessary to try, especially really the price not such big, but responses generally positive. And suddenly really your locks will grow to a belt, and eyes of people around will please. But, the professional advice before it is will be not superfluous!”.

The author – Christina Fedishina

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