Oils for strengthening and growth of hair and the rule of their application

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Oil for strengthening of hair can be added to shampoo or any other means. To stimulate growth, it is possible to do masks of basic structure, having added essential oils in the necessary quantity for an hour before washing of the head.

Since ancient times people applied essential oils to care of hair. So contains in them useful substances much that they can quite replace factory cosmetics. Receive a radio concentrate in the different ways, in the way of distillation or a cold extraction. It depends on raw materials which is used.

With the help I aromamaset it is possible to eliminate seborrhea, to adjust work of sebaceous glands, to strengthen roots, to accelerate growth of hair.

How to look after hair

Aromamasl can be applied separately or to add to basic structure. Oil for strengthening of hair can be added to shampoo or any other means. To stimulate growth, it is possible to do masks of basic structure, having added essential oils in the necessary quantity for an hour before washing of the head.

It is necessary to select a product according to skin type, and also a hair:

  • rosemary, rose attar, bergamot, lemon, lavender, sage, juniper can be applied every day to growth;
  • to reduce a salootdeleniye and fat content, use a tea tree, a lemon, mint, an eucalyptus, ginger, a sage, rosemary;
  • dry tips can be humidified and saturated by means of oils of a santalaceous tree, a ylang-ylang, lavenders, orange, a rose;
  • from loss and apply a tea tree, rosemary, a pine, mint, a coriander to stimulation of growth;
  • to eliminate dandruff and to moisten head skin the eucalyptus, rosemary, a tea tree, a basil, grapefruit and a lavender will approach.

Oils for strengthening and growth of hair and the rule of their application

For growth of hair do masks, adding various an aromamasl. The structure is put for 1-2 hours before washing of the head. They can be done once a week and in a month the positive effect will be swept up.

Lavandovy oil best of all is suitable for treatment of dandruff and an itch of the head, it use for any type of hair and head skin, apply to growth stimulation, treat baldness. The lavender can be combined with any structure. The same effect rosemary has, it too recommend for treatment of hair bulbs.

Recommendations about application

To accelerate growth of hair, in house conditions, it is possible to do masks with addition I aromamaset. Procedure has to be carried out regularly, especially in a cold season. The structure of a mask every time has to be fresh, prepared just before application. Ready mix is applied on head skin and all length of locks, carefully rubbed in roots. After drawing the head needs to be turned a film and a towel, to leave not less than for 30-40 minutes, then to wash away warm water with use of shampoo.

The main essential oils used for growth of hair:

  • the rosemary – for improvement of blood supply of head skin and regeneration of the damaged tips;
  • sage air – promotes normalization of work of sebaceous glands, struggles with dandruff, clears head skin;
  • the bergamot possesses antiseptic action, has positive impact on a hair bulb;
  • aromamaslo carnations can be applied to elimination of dandruff and fungal damages of head skin;
  • the geranium is applied to growth, it possesses antiseptic action, is used for fight against dandruff;
  • apply cinnamon to stimulation of blood circulation of head skin and growth of ringlets, it has the warming effect;
  • the melissa can be applied as a demulcent to head skin;
  • air of a tea tree has not only the strengthening effect on roots, still it calms an itch and eliminates dandruff;
  • coniferous air (fir and pine) promotes restoration of structure of hair and accelerates their growth;
  • any radio extracts from citrus fruits are applied to an oily hair, they normalize allocation of a grease secret, and also positively influence the general state.

Oils for strengthening and growth of hair and the rule of their application

Nutritious masks

The yolk of one egg is pounded with honey (1 tablespoon), olive oil (2 tablespoons) and 3-4 drops of air of rosemary and as much a fir concentrate add. Three times a week for a month are recommended to put this mask.

If hair dry, olive oil not only accelerates growth, but also will moisten them, with the same purpose it is recommended to add a jasmine.

At normal type apply the following essential oils:

  • the rosemary;
  • the camomile;
  • patchoulis;
  • lavandovy;
  • from a geranium;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • the pink.

One more recipe for stimulation of hair follicles: it is necessary to take any basic structure, to add a pine and a carnation on 2 drops, and also cinnamon and rosemary — on 4 drops. To apply on the head, then to wash away in 30 minutes.

Stimulation of activity of hair

Growth of hair improves in case ringlets are healthy, for this purpose there is a number of recommendations:

  • Citrus radio widely applies an aromamasl to care of hair and fight against baldness. It is better to add orange, an eucalyptus and patchoulis to almond oil. This means will add gloss and will take care about health of ringlets.
  • The mask in which olive oil with addition of cinnamon is used has good effect, it stimulates directly hair bulb and cellular exchange processes. Grapefruit will improve blood circulation, and also will restore work of sebaceous glands that will allow to eliminate an itch and dandruff.
  • Citrus air clarifies hair therefore suit blondes, besides split ends treat and nourish head skin that promotes restoration of structure of ringlets after painting or clarification.
  • That hair became a thick, it is recommended to apply aromamaslo a rose or a cypress. This air protects ringlets from external negative factors and improves growth.
  • Most often applies burdock oil to growth of hair. It improves exchange processes and blood supply of head skin thanks to proteins, proteins, mineral and to tannins which contain in it. It stops a hair loss, strengthening a hair follicle.
  • Not less popularly in care of hair linseed oil. It makes active cells of head skin, increases regeneration, strengthens roots. Thanks to the content of various vitamins, after several applications hair become brilliant, silky, obedient. Linseed oil can be applied as a protectant from sunshine, to apply rather a little on a hairbrush and to comb the weakened locks.
  • Jojoba allocate with curative force, its structure is so vitamin-rich, minerals and amino acids that some drops of air are capable to restore completely structure of the dim, thinned, brittle hair. Aromamaslo jojoba can apply to any type of hair, it is hypoallergenic, strengthens roots and accelerates growth.

Oils for strengthening and growth of hair and the rule of their application

Rules of use of essential oils

Before doing masks, it is necessary to heat medical structure, using a water bath. In a warm look essential oils are better absorbed in head skin and effect from application increases twice. Any mask is put not less, than for 30 minutes. Any structure is prepared from basic oil and radio at the rate of 3 drops on a teaspoon.

The prepared structure starts being applied on roots, slightly massing, then distribute on all length to the tips. If to apply recovery masks weekly, in 1-2 months it is possible to become the owner of a smart head of hear. As a prophylactic it is enough to do procedure twice a month.

It is necessary to remember that radio concentrates can cause allergic reaction therefore before application it is necessary to carry out the test, especially if it is about citrus extracts. The aromatherapy has a broad spectrum of activity and applications, the main thing, not to go too far not to do itself harm.

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