Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house

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All women are perfectly familiar with such vegetable as onions. But many of them apply this useful vegetable only in the culinary purposes. However it is fine opportunity to improve the general condition of hair and to solve various local.

All women are perfectly familiar with such vegetable as onions. N about many of them apply this useful vegetable only in the culinary purposes. However it is fine opportunity to improve the general condition of hair and to solve various local problems. Therefore inclusion of fruits of onions in process of care of hair will be the fine decision.

Advantage of onions for hair

Masks from onions perfectly are suitable for those young ladies who deals with the hair loss problem. The structure strengthens roots of hair, improves a head skin blood-groove, feeds hair bulbs and improves growth of hair.

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house

At onions the richest structure. It contains phytoncides, organic acids, essential oils, carbohydrates, vitamin E, With, carotene, vitamins of group B, potassium, chrome, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, calcium:

  1. Niatsin strengthens roots of hair, and the hair color becomes nasyshchenny more brightly.
  2. Phytoncides which are a part of onions, have bactericidal effect.
  3. The organic acids restoring the damaged sites of hair give help in opposition with fragility and section of ringlets.
  4. Vitamin C accelerates a blood-groove at the expense of what transportation of oxygen to hair bulbs improves.
  5. Potassium which is a part of fruits of onions, regulates production of skin fat.
  6. Essential oils give to onions a pungent smell and sharp taste, and also activate microblood circulation under head skin, thereby improving exchange processes and providing root system of hair with nutritious microcells.

The main direction of onions masks — is prevention of loss and stimulation of growth of hair.

Indications and contraindications

It is best of all to apply the masks containing onions in the following cases:

  1. Delay of growth of hair.
  2. Loss of locks.
  3. Baldness.
  4. Emergence of dandruff.
  5. Emergence of a gray hair.
  6. Violation of work of sebaceous glands.
  7. Lack of a natural hair shine.

Contraindications in application of a mask it isn’t revealed, the most important danger — is the allergic reaction connected with individual intolerance of components of mix.

To check itself for reaction, apply a small amount of a mask on wrist area, and in 10 minutes wash away warm water. If after 15 minutes it isn’t found an itch and reddenings, you can safely put a mask.

Rules of preparation of structures

Initially not to be disappointed in efficiency of an onions mask and to receive the maximum advantage for own hair, it is necessary to examine some cunnings of application and preparation of masks from onions:

  • that procedure of drawing a mask didn’t turn into test for your eyes, use small cunning. Put the cleared bulb on half an hour in the refrigerator. The cold atmosphere will reduce amount of the allocated sulfuric substance that will help to crush a bulb without pro-lithium of tears;
  • you apply a mask on dirty hair as the grease film containing on hair will be able to protect cores of hair from irritable structure;

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Dirty hair

  • hair before drawing a mask have to be dry, it isn’t necessary to moisten them;
  • doing ingredients for a mask, use only onions juice. For this purpose divide a bulb into four parts, pass via the meat grinder or the blender and collect the received mashed potatoes in a layer from a gauze. After that wring out juice;
  • the mask from onions needs to be applied on roots of hair and head skin. If you apply structure of a mask on locks on all length, it will dry up and will injure ringlets;
  • you hold an onions mask on hair about 15-20 minutes as this period is sufficient in order that active elements worked well. If burning before the put time was felt, at once wash away structure a large amount of water and try other means for strengthening of a head of hear.

If you apply masks from onions to prevention of loss or slow growth of hair, do a mask with a frequency of times of three days. The full necessary course makes 10 masks and if you pursue the medical aims, it is necessary to do about 15 procedures.

Popular recipes

Mask for the volume of hair

For its preparation it is necessary to prepare the following components:

  • 2-3 tablespoons of juice of onions;
  • 1 tablespoon table honey;
  • 2 teaspoons of oil of castor or olive oil;
  • 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise.

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Honey

To mix ingredients to homogeneous mass. The slow movements rub a mask in head skin. Then warm the head a hat from cellophane and a terry towel. In an hour wash away structure from the head. The similar recipe perfectly will be suitable for a fine hair. Do it not more often than once a week.

Onions mask with a yolk for hair

For preparation of this useful structure it is required to you:

  • 1 yolk
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 h. spoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of onions juice

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Yolk

For the best effect add essential oil, will be couples of drops enough. Mix all components and apply on roots of hair. Warm the head a cellophane hat and wrap up the head a towel. A mask it is necessary to hold about half an hour. After this time wash away a mask shampoo.

This structure is effective at a hair loss problem.

The strengthening mask for hair

For strengthening of ringlets it is necessary to use rinsing from broth of an onions peel. Take a small amount of a peel, fill in with water and bring mix to boiling. Cool it and rinse ringlets after each washing of hair. Best of all dark hair suit such rinsing.

The restoring mask for hair

In onions it is possible to use not only a fruit, but also green feathers. Crush them by means of the blender to a kasheobrazny state. Apply the restoring mask on head skin and you hold within an hour. Wash away a mask warm water.

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Green onions

Honey mask with onions

Take couple of bulbs and rub them on the smallest grater to wring out juice. In separate ware mix a honey tablespoon with a yolk and pour in onions juice. The mask is applied on roots of hair with the easy movements, wrap up the head for fifty minutes and wash away.

Mask from onions with use of oils

For preparation of a mask take a teaspoon of yeast and mix it and a half a teaspoon of sugar and couple of tablespoons of kefir. Then it is necessary to leave the received mix before fermentation process, it will occupy about half an hour. When process goes, add to gruel one teaspoon of oil jojoba, a teaspoon of castor oil and two tablespoons of juice of onions.

Apply a mask on roots of hair and do a light massage within three minutes. Leave it for 40 minutes and wash away warm water.

Onions mask with addition of garlic

Nuclear mix of components will help you to improve microblood circulation of head skin. For this purpose take couple of tablespoons of juice of onions, mix it with a teaspoon of garlick juice, couple of spoons of olive oil, two quail eggs, two tablespoons of mint and three drops of essential oil. Everything needs to be mixed, warmed up in warm water and to apply substance on hair. An hour later wash away a mask with application of a conditioner.

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Garlic

For growth of hair with onions and carrots

For creation of mix part two tablespoons of dry yeast with couple of tablespoons of curdled milk, having left the received mix for twenty minutes in a dark place. After add lemon juice, a teaspoon of burdock oil and couple of tablespoons of carrot and onions juice. All ingredients carefully to mix and apply on head skin. You hold a mask within twenty minutes.

This mask is vitamin-rich also microcells and will be extremely useful to your ringlets.

How to get rid of a smell

Onions masks for hair excellently affect appearance and internal state of hair. But most of young ladies refuses so excellent means as consider that then it will be difficult to get rid of an onions smell. However all the matter is that onions in itself don’t give such saturated aroma. The smell is absorbed more strongly in the damaged sites of hair, the structure of hair is broken because of influence by the hair dryer, waves, painting etc.

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house House coloring of hair: selection of a shade and technology of carrying out procedure

In more detail about types and names of female hairstyles read here

In total about technology of coloring of hair shatush:

However, there is a set of ways effectively to get rid of an onions smell:

  • well to wash out and remove an onions smell, rinse hair with herb infusions — a burdock, a marjoram, a nettle or a camomile;

Onions mask for volume and growth of hair of the house Camomile

  • some drops of essential oil divorced in water neutralize an unpleasant smell. For this purpose choose a concentrate of a lemon or grapefruit;
  • colourless henna will rescue you from strong aroma of a bulb. It will be for this purpose necessary to part it with water up to the kasheobrazny weight and to apply on hair. Five minutes later wash away structure water;
  • kefir is also a fine way of disposal of a smell. Apply it on hair and wash away warm water in three minutes;
  • effectively to relieve the apple cider vinegar divorced in water of onions aroma;
  • always wash away a mask cool water as hot water is capable to strengthen a smell only. Then wash the head the most usual children’s soap with a camomile smell.

Surely use onions masks. For this purpose it is only necessary to do in time the most suitable time for carrying out procedure.


You see an example of preparation of an onions mask for hair on video below


To reach excellent long effect from a mask, keep a regularity of application of structures at least two times a week within two months. And as indisputable plus serves that an onions mask — the most available means for magnificent hair.

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