Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leaving

By | 27.03.2018

The chocolate strengthening mask. This tasty mask for growth and strengthening of hair prepares in house conditions as follows. You need a tile of good dark chocolate, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and one yolk.

Healthy hair – one of the main jewelry of the woman and huge work. Because of frequent colourings, laying, waves and the wrong leaving of a lock can lose live gloss and force, to start dropping out. How to stop “volosopad” and again to make ringlets dense and strong? Let’s understand that has to include process of strengthening of hair in house conditions of any woman.

Many experts hold the opinion that the most effective in fight against loss is the peculiar complex consisting of three parts – healthy food, vitamins for strengthening of hair and special masks. We will consider in more detail that these represent “three whales”.

Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leaving

We make "menu" for hair and we choose vitamins

It is known that the beauty goes from within. Therefore the first with what it is worth beginning strengthening of hair from loss, – healthy nutrition.

Try to include the following products in the diet:

  1. Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leaving Nuts: a walnut the omega-3 contains alpha linolenovuyu acid, one of fatty acids, and cashew and almonds are rich with zinc.
  2. The bean: lentil, beans and haricot are sources of protein, iron, zinc and biotin.
  3. Fat fish: the salmon, for example, is sated with fatty acids an omega-3, and also contains B12 vitamin, iron and protein.
  4. Fowl: it is easily acquired by an organism, is a source of protein, proteins and iron.
  5. Eggs: are rich with biotin and B12 vitamin, and it isn’t important at all, in what look you will prepare them.
  6. Dairy products: sources of calcium and protein, so necessary for strengthening of ringlets.
  7. Greens: spinach and broccoli, for example, contain vitamins A and With, and also iron and calcium.

As you can see, properly it isn’t difficult to eat at all! Without effort it is possible to make of the specified products not only a useful, but also tasty diet. And for strengthening of a positive effect it is recommended to accept also the balanced vitamin and mineral complexes (is more detailed about vitamins for hair). Here the most popular and effective for hair:

  • BUD Fitoval;
  • Pekfektil;
  • Nutrikap;
  • Revalid;

So, we considered two making correct leavings. On turn the most interesting – masks for strengthening of hair which will fill your ringlets with vital force, will suspend hated loss and will help locks grow much quicker. You want to learn how to prepare them in house conditions? We will open all secrets!

The universal strengthening mask on the basis of pepper tincture

Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leaving All known and, probably, the most popular mask for strengthening of hair in house conditions prepares on the basis of pepper tincture. Tincture without effort can be got in drugstores or to make independently.

For its preparation you need a pod of chili pepper and a 0,5-liter bottle of vodka. The recipe is plain – crush pepper, connect to vodka and sustain tincture within at least two weeks. After filtering your house pepper brandy is ready to use!

So, apply it on head skin by means of a wadded disk, and then cover hair with a polyethylene hat and a towel. Try to sustain a mask half an hour, but if burning is strong, immediately wash away in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

You carry out similar procedure two times a week, not more often, for a month. The result will be stunning! Your hair will cease to drop out mercilessly, will start growing quicker, will begin to shine and will recover!

Pleasant bonus from use of a mask – normalization of work of sebaceous glands. It occurs because tincture slightly dries head skin. From here the conclusion – a mask perfectly will be suitable for an oily hair and isn’t recommended for dry and fragile.

One more important specification – carefully you watch that during procedure pepper tincture didn’t get at length of hair and tips. This mask only for improvement of a krovobrashcheniye of head skin.

The strengthening mask from oil and a yolk

Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leaving Nearly the most widespread ingredients in masks for hair – burdock oil and a yolk (it is possible to add a little lemon). This recipe – not an exception!

Simply mix a tablespoon of oil and a yolk, apply structure on roots of hair and massage head skin fifteen minutes. It is necessary to hold a mask about an hour, and to wash away — cool water.

Such means perfectly will approach at dry type of hair. The mask will restore a lifeless head of hear, will saturate it and will humidify, and burdock oil in structure not only will suspend loss, but also will stimulate growth of locks!

Mask from black bread for strengthening of hair

That in house conditions to strengthen an oily hair and to give them vital force, the following recipe will approach. For a start prepare broth of an onions peel, then soak in it a slice of black bread and add one white in the received structure.

All process of preparation takes about ten minutes, and the effect of strengthening of hair is reached the excellent. Apply the prepared mask on roots of hair on half an hour, then wash away cool water.

This means not only will make hair strong and strong, but also will help to fight against the increased fat content of head skin, absorbing excessive skin fat.

Mask for an oily hair from parsley

Strengthening of hair in house conditions: vitamins, masks, correct leavingOne more fine means for strengthening of hair prepares on the basis of parsley. So, the big bunch of greens needs to be crushed, and even better to pass via the meat grinder, and to mix with a castor oil tablespoon.

In ten minutes as the mask will be drawn, it should be rubbed the easy movements as in hair, and head skin, and to wash away in half an hour.

Such recipe perfectly will be suitable for hair, fat at roots, and also will help you to forget about fragility of locks and the splitting ends. Well and unreal gloss of ringlets is guaranteed to you!

The chocolate strengthening mask

This tasty mask for growth and strengthening of hair prepares in house conditions as follows. You need a tile of good dark chocolate, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and one yolk.

Kindle chocolate and mix with other ingredients, and then when means slightly cools down, apply it on roots of hair and head skin. It is necessary to keep structure about an hour then to wash away warm water.

After similar procedures you don’t learn the ringlets in good sense of this word! Result — unreal gloss, volume and a healthy well-groomed type of locks.

Important! Leaving has to be system and regular. As a rule the course includes about fifteen procedures with the subsequent break in one or two months.

We look after hair correctly!

To suspend loss and to strengthen a head of hear, it isn’t enough to accept vitamins and to do house masks. It is necessary also to follow a number of unwritten rules on care of hair:

  1. It is necessary to wash the head with the water equal to body temperature, – 36-37 degrees;
  2. Daily washing isn’t recommended is not only provokes work of sebaceous glands therefore hair zhirnitsya quicker, but also washes away useful substances and moisture from locks, doing them dim and fragile;
  3. Try to use any laying devices and the hair dryer most seldom, and at emergence of such need use thermoprotection;
  4. One more important point in leaving – the correct hairbrush. The simple wooden comb with rather wide cloves or any other hairbrushes from natural materials will be ideal option. Don’t comb wet hair at all, it injures them and gives fragilities! Why combing of hair influences their growth you look in video interview of the president of Association of Trichologists at the end of article. 
  5. The beauty and density of a head of hear directly depends on health of head skin. For improvement of blood circulation it is necessary to do regular massage — simply slightly pull locks, going from a forehead to a nape, mass skin small pillows of fingers. For more careful clarification and removal of the become lifeless cages do once a week a salt peeling.

Following these simple rules, you considerably improve a condition of the hair and strengthen them. The balanced food and vitamins will influence from within, the checked house masks – outside. And result … You will see result, and, believe, it won’t disappoint you!

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