Vitamins for growth of hair

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For growth of hair hair bulbs need food, and also a free access of oxygen. Vitamin E can be received thanking often to the use in food of sunflower oil. Vitamin masks for growth of hair.

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The healthy, well-groomed, quickly growing hair influence the general appearance of the person, and also his self-confidence, and, as a result, success in various spheres of activity. On average hair grow in a month on 1 cm, sometimes quicker. But there are people which hair grow much more slowly. On it there are some reasons.

The reasons of the slowed-down growth of hair:

  • influence of environment and its adverse conditions;
  • constant stresses and alarms;
  • consequences of acceptance of medicines;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • lack of an organism of necessary vitamins.

The best vitamins for growth of hair

Considering the reason of the slowed-down growth of hair, or, is worse than that, their losses, it is necessary to take care of completion of all necessary components, microcells also vitamin. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to find out, what vitamins for growth will be the most effective.

Vitamins for growth of hair

For growth of hair hair bulbs need food, and also a free access of oxygen. It is best of all when hair follicles are affected at once by some vitamins which carry out above the listed functions, and protect hair bulbs, without allowing hair to drop out.

Vitamin A or Retinolum for hair

The first indicator of a lack of vitamin A of a human body – the slowed-down growth and dry head skin. This vitamin is necessary not only for maintenance a follicle, but also for filling of hair. (Is more detailed about use of vitamin A for hair).

Retinolum gives to hair:

  1. Smoothness.
  2. Elasticity.
  3. Durability.
  4. Food and moistening.
  5. Softness.

Vitamin A, contains in such products as:

  • carrots (with the maximum content of vitamin), cabbage, tomatoes, a root of a celery and other vegetables;
  • plums and apricots, dogrose, dried fruits, peaches, many fruit and berries;
  • cod-liver oil, fish;
  • in many kinds of mushrooms;
  • in bean, green peas – a vitamin A well;
  • in dairy and fermented milk products;
  • eggs;
  • meat, liver;
  • fresh greens.

Vitamin B for hair

Fat content of hair controls vitamin B. He is also responsible for durability of hair, activating their growth. It has such effect by blood supply strengthening a follicle. In a complex with many vitamins vitamin B strengthens process of restoration of skin. For growth and strengthening of hair special food is welcomed.

Vitamins of group B contain in the following products:

  • vegetables, fruit, berries, dried fruits, citrus;
  • greens (sorrel, onion, leek, parsley, salad), garlic, horse-radish;
  • all types of meat, including the dietary;
  • fish and seafood (carp, bream, squid, caviar of a pollock, tuna);
  • eggs (the egg yolk is especially useful);
  • sunflower seeds, nuts of all types;
  • grain and grain;
  • macaroni and bakery products;
  • dairy and fermented milk products;
  • mushrooms (according to the content of vitamin B are in the lead white).

These products transport B1, B12, B8, B5, B9 vitamins in a human body.

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Vitamin C for hair

The main functions of vitamin C – to protect a follicle and to stimulate blood circulation, improving work of blood vessels and capillaries. Thanks to vitamin C in structure of skin useful components and other vitamins for rapid growth of hair are successfully transported.

The products containing vitamin C:

  • citrus (lemon, grapefruit, orange);
  • greens (parsley, fennel, spinach);
  • fruits of a sea-buckthorn and blackcurrant;
  • sweet pepper of red color;
  • horse-radish;
  • kiwi;
  • to strawberry, wild strawberry;
  • to cabbage of different types – color, red, Bruxelles.

Vitamin D, E, H for hair

These vitamins B the main carry out protective functions. They help to strengthen blood circulation, to nourish skin with oxygen. Vitamin E also cares of immune system of all organism.

Vitamin D, E, H contain seeds and cereals, and also in nuts and green peas. Vitamin E can be received thanking often to the use in food of sunflower oil.

Vitamins for growth of hair

Vitamin masks for growth of hair

Besides that the products containing all these vitamins for improvement of quality and acceleration of growth of hair have to enter a daily diet vitamin masks are recommended.

Mask for growth of hair with vitamin A

Such option of a mask dries head skin therefore it isn’t recommended to owners of dry and very sensitive head skin a little. But the mask perfectly disperses blood, nourishes skin with oxygen and delivers nutritious components to hair bulbs.

The mask consists from:
  • several drops of oil solution of vitamin A;
  • other oil (it is possible to apply kastorovy or burdock, it is possible both at once), it is enough on 1 tablespoon;
  • spirit tincture of hot pepper – 1 teaspoon;
  • 1 tablespoon of juice of onions (without gruel);
  • 1 yolk of egg.

All ingredients mix up, weight is applied at first on roots, then is distributed on length of hair. To wrap up the head a polyethylene film, to wrap up with a warm towel. To sustain 30 minutes. Carefully to wash out warm water. It is possible to add lemon juice to water.

Action of a mask will be more effective if does it every other day about two months.

Mask with B2, B6, B12 vitamins

It is a mask not only for growth, but also for a hair shine. The oils sating each hair with necessary moisture and nutritious microcells also are its part.

To mix ingredients:
  • ampoules B2, B6, B12 vitamin (they can be bought in a drugstore);
  • 1 yolk of egg;
  • on 1 tablespoon of almond, burdock and sea-buckthorn oil.

To apply on roots and hair, to sustain hour in the wrapped-up look, to wash away with shampoo not really warm water.

Mask for food and growth of hair

The mask is based on three types of oils: burdock, kastorovy and olive, thus vitamin C is added (it can be bought in a drugstore). In total on a tablespoon, plus a vitamin C ampoule. We mix ingredients, we apply on roots and on all length. Time which is required on endurance of a mask on hair one hour. As a mask fat, we wash away it with shampoo.

Vitamins for growth of hair

As a result of regular application of masks hair start growing quicker, and also aren’t stratified, don’t break and strike with the softness. It is necessary to alternate different types of the masks with application vitamin which are separately on sale in a drugstore the prices on which allow to complete the whole medical course. Here you can look at the best house masks for growth of hair.

Reviews of vitamins for growth of hair

Elena, 32

As I dye hair many years, they became too thin and started dropping out and breaking. I learned that besides paint and influence of means of laying, isn’t enough for me vitamin A. Told about it even the general condition of skin. I started eating the products containing vitamin necessary for me. Thus I learned recipes of masks with vitamins. The mask with oils was pleasant, but one it was its to me not enough. Therefore I did masks and with other vitamins. I bought them in a drugstore. In 2 months I noticed that hair already not so strongly break and became softer. I can’t judge growth, passed not enough time. I will continue a course.

Yulia, 44 years

After a short hairstyle hair started growing very badly. I found in the Internet a mask with vitamin A and tincture of pepper. I completed a two-month course. Then I took a break and I did other masks with vitamins. Hair started growing better, and became to the touch softer.

Darya, 23

I dye hair in white color, I decolour therefore they became very thin. Moreover these daily irons! I decided to try to slow down loss and fragility. I will try masks where not only there are vitamins, but also other oils. I tried the first mask that week. So far the result isn’t visible, but hair are softer.

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