In what color it is possible to dye a fair hair

By | 12.05.2018

Fair hair is the business card of Slavic type of appearance. Owners of a fair hair and close shades to it, most likely, have gray or blue color of eyes, and light skin.

Fair hair is the business card of Slavic type of appearance. Owners of a fair hair and close shades to it, most likely, have gray or blue color of eyes, and light skin.

However, the girls possessing such tsvetotip of appearance often consider, look unattractive and dimly, as gray mice and for this reason try to change the appearance by means of coloring of hair in brighter shades. In what color it is possible to dye a fair hair

Councils of stylists

In order that the shade of hair chosen for coloring emphasized your natural beauty, it is necessary to work according to type of your appearance. For a start, it is necessary to define what type you treat, their of everything two: cold and warm.

  1. The cold type of skin is characterized by that all paints with which your appearance is allocated, radiate cold, there are no copper, red and gold shades. Skin color has rozovato – blue subtone. On such woman clothes, a make-up and a hair color of a warm shade don’t look at all.
  2. The warm type of skin can be determined by a golden (reddish) shade of hair, color of eyes brown or green. Skin has olive subtone, existence of freckles isn’t excluded. Will suit this type of appearance bezhevo – brown and it is yellow – green color scale.

However it is simple to define the cvetotip only in the theory, you will actually seldom meet so pronounced belonging to this or that temperature of color. Often the shade of skin, an eye and a hair borders on a neutrality. To define the cvetotip it is necessary to carry out some tests.

  • Pay attention to internal part of the river which even remains untanned in the summer, and define, what color of a vein, being on an elbow bend. If you possess a cold type – veins will be a bluish shade while the warm type has veins of faintly green color.
  • For carrying out the following experiment you will need good lighting and couple of products (it is desirable chains) from precious metals – gold and silver. At a daylight, it is possible at a window (it is necessary to consider that the bright sun distorts color perception), having convinced that the face is well lit to put to it in turn both chains. Look, the product, from what metal is in harmony with your appearance better. If to you to the person gold – at you is warm type, silver – cold.

It is important! In order that after coloring the impression of a wig on your head wasn’t made, it is possible to change a hair color in this or that party no more than to three shades.

We decide on a hair color

We will consider some natural shades suitable for coloring of a fair hair.

The chestnut. Will be ideally suited for light-haired girls, will emphasize depth of brown eyes, will give them brightness and expressiveness. If on painted in this color to hair to give some patches of light of a caramel shade, hair will seem more dense and volume.

The ashy. Perfectly looks on white-skinned and blue-eyed. Is suitable for young girls whereas it ages owners of swarty skin and dark eyes more, the tired look gives to the face, and at a certain lighting gives effect of a gray hair. This color is very whimsical and very few people go but if you were lucky also this your color – that in any situation and at any lighting you will be simply a queen.

Important! Unlike other shades of hair, ashy it is necessary to support constantly ottenochny means or to rinse camomile broth after each washing of hair as at washing away, color goes to a green shade.

The sand. Thanks to a frame of the person from the hair painted in a sand shade it looks softer, womanly. Color looks very naturally, and will excellently look with a multilayered hairstyle on the basis of the cascade. If you paint couple of thin locks at the person one tone lighter – the fantastic impression of solar patches of light in your hair will be made.

Caramel. Today it is the most popular hair color, and suits practically all light-haired beauties it isn’t dependent on a tsvetotip. On the sun hair are poured by all shades of gold, giving to skin a fresh look. In order that the sun in hair was more – their tips it is worth painting lighter shade.

The copper. This color too is rather whimsical. Suits only girls having light porcelain skin, not inclined to rashes and formation of spots. Harmoniously looks with any color of eyes. To girls who easily redden or have problem skin, this hair color should be avoided since it will only emphasize all defects, and with the reddened skin looks disgustingly. Firmness of this color rather good.

Mocha. Coffee color, smartly looks on smooth long hair. It is universal. Is suitable for any tsvetotip. Coloring can be executed both in cold, and in a warm shade, everything depends on skill of the stylist and your wishes. However, you shouldn’t forget that the cold shade demands continuous maintenance of color by means of coloring shampoos.

Main types of dyes

Ammoniac paints – well paint over hair, zakraivat a gray hair, very resistant. Rather low cost. Have an average consistence, are well distributed on hair, don’t flow.

Minus ammoniac paint that when using itIn what color it is possible to dye a fair hair rather strongly injures hair which aren’t subject to a complete recovery after coloring. By means of the looking after means it is possible to achieve smoothness and ease of combing, but the structure of a hair is damaged capitally.

Bezammiachny paints. This type of dyes significantly differs in impact on structure of hair. When coloring paint doesn’t get deep into a hair, breaking its structure, and envelops it the painting pigment from all directions. At saloon brands the bezamiachnykh of paints there are various oils which in the course of coloring look after hair. Hair become more live, color looks very naturally.

Minus – firmness. Paints it is quickly enough washed away, color grows dull after several procedures of washing of hair. High cost.

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