In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

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What color to paint the nutbrown, dark, red, decoloured hair. And here what paint to dye the decoloured hair and it will be how good to look such color on hair, it is possible to see on a photo in article.

Girls adore changing the appearance, to experiment, look for the most suitable and stylish decisions. In the easiest and logical way to change appearance is hair-dyeing. Having painted a head of hear other color, the girl and the man, get at once “second wind” — the mood increases, there is an interest in life, social activity increases, and interest of people around becomes noticeable.

Therefore a choice of a suitable hair color — it is rather important. After all, if to dye a hair in an unclear mouse shade — that and the look will be corresponding — not too attractive. In article we will consider — what shade of hair better to pick up for women and men with different appearance.

How to choose color

At present variety at many eyes run up — there are a wish to become at the same time both the ryzhenky, and burning brunette, and then not for long to stay the carefree blonde. But, unfortunately, so radical experiments won’t bring to good. And very few people will go also a bright blonde shade, and the burning black. Therefore the appearance should pick up after all the most optimum color of paint — in that case you “will not miss” with a choice of color, you will always have well-groomed, charming appearance. How to choose the most suitable shade of a hair-dye to different types of women, we will consider.

Fair hair

As a rule, girls with a natural fair-haired shade of hair have rather gentle, transparent skin and light eyebrows. Everything together it creates quite soft type of appearance which won’t be combined with radical and “rough” shades, like black, brown or bright red. Will be better combined with similar “pastel” appearance more difficult tone — wheat, chestnut, golden. In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

Very much there are to light-haired women honey shades and wheat any intensity — from dark to light. A fair hair isn’t recommended to be dyed in red color — the result can turn out very vulgar and ugly.

The dark

Girls with hair dark by nature seldom when are suited light and fair-haired tone. Therefore, it is necessary to choose among variety of dark-chestnut and black shades.

In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

Black color with easy chestnut outflow — one of the most popular shades at modern stylists. Not so obvious as simply black, this shade is capable to make the real beauty of the woman.

The chestnut

If you want to make a head of hear is lighter, cardinally it isn’t recommended to be recoloured in dark color — it will look unnaturally. It is best of all to begin with highlighting — the bleached separate locks will look logically and beautifully, to give stylish shape and a peculiar “blonde” chic. In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

The dark and chocolate — perfectly suitable shade for a nutbrown hair. Warm and soft, it adds delightful gloss to hair, does the woman mysterious, attracting. And here is how it is correct to dye a hair and by means of what paint, it is in detail told in this article.

The red

Girls with red hair will suit honey, amber and bronze shades. The and warm the chosen shade will be more saturated, the it will go to you more.

Keep in mind that hair red by nature — it obligatory warm appearance therefore it isn’t recommended to choose a cold color — like ashy, platinum, etc. But ryzhenky are able to afford quite bright colors and shades — even bright and shouting — their appearance quite it allows. In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

Copper and red shade — an excellent choice. It beautiful and stylish, but it is worth understanding that having got such head of hear, you constantly will be now the focus of attention — it as the magnet, attracts views. If are ready to such attention, this color will suit you.

Red-haired girls can also dye hair henna — this natural paint gives an excellent noble copper shade to hair and at the same time is useful to a head of hear, strengthens it.

In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color How to dye a hair colourless henna and it will be how good to look such color on hair, it is specified a photo in article.

And here is how it is possible to dye beautifully a hair and such hair color will look how effectively, is specified a photo in article.

And here is how to dye a hair tonic in house conditions, it is possible to see on video in article:

It will also be possible to you it is interesting to learn how to dye a dark hair in ashy color.

Light and decoloured

With a fair hair it is better for girls to pay attention to so light shades. Among “blonde” shades is a lot of very beautiful which can provide magnificent result. For example, silvery-ashy color smartly looks. This shade is capable to hide skillfully an early gray hair, to rejuvenate appearance and to emphasize expressive eyes.

On a photo — a fair hair: In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

If you want something brighter, it is possible to choose from fair-haired and light brown shades. It is desirable that the scale was cold — such tone look on hair better, don’t give yellowness, look more professionally even if you will be independently painted.

Tips of a fair hair

Tips of hair can be painted in more dark, than natural, color, It can be dark-chestnut or brown, gray. It is best of all to make transition between tips and primary color indistinct, smooth. An excellent example of such coloring — the technician to an ombra. In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

If to paint tips red color of the brightest of possible shades, it is possible to receive very creative, interesting result.

The tips painted in blonde shades will make appearance interesting, and an image — unusual. And here what paint to dye the decoloured hair and it will be how good to look such color on hair, it is possible to see on a photo in article.

On video in what color to dye a hair:

 Color of eyes

We will consider how to pick up a suitable shade of hair, considering color of eyes.

Blue eyes:

Green eyes:

Brown eyes:

  • Red shades of a head of hear too can be combined with brown eyes. In this case it is better to choose more natural, natural red, than bright solar or mandarinovy color.
  • Chestnut, cognac, chocolate shades — a remarkable noble choice for brown eyes.
  • Bright tone: the eggplant, mahogany, mahogany — too can perfectly be in harmony with brown eyes. However in this case the main thing — not to roll down in vulgarity, it is better to choose more muffled tone, than bright.

For men

If with women everything is more or less clear — they can choose any color if only it was in harmony with appearance and color of eyes, with men everything isn’t so simple. We will consider properly to choose a hair color for the man.

On video in what color to dye a hair to the man:


  • Surely for a start consult with the stylist — it is extremely undesirable to man to be mistaken with a choice of color of a head of hear — it is possible to receive a sad and ridiculous look that for the serious young man unacceptably absolutely.
  • It is best of all to prefer natural color, the most approximate to own head of hear. Thus, you won’t be mistaken with a color, you will give a subtle shade to locks and update appearance.
  • Instead of uniform coloring it is possible to make highlighting. This popular hairdresser’s reception perfectly looks on male hair, especially — on light and fair-haired. Highlighting gives a stylish look, does appearance fashionable and a little bohemian. And in combination with rather long head of hear highlighting can make of the man of the real heartbreaker and the dandy.
  • If the man has gray-haired locks, it is better not to paint them, and to tint special shampoos or balms. These means have soft influence, look more naturally, don’t harm to hair. They can be put and it is independent when washing hair.
  • You shouldn’t change color cardinally. For example to become the brunette for an hour the blonde — it is probably interesting, but it is undesirable — at unsatisfactory result return in former color will be difficult. Besides such sweeping change harms to hair.
  • To blue-eyed men very much go brownish and chestnut tone. Choosing such tone, you gain interesting, courageous appearance.
  • If baldness began, and it is still hardly noticeable, it is possible to paint locks lighter tone — thus the gray hair won’t be visible at all, will merge with a skin shade.
  • If the man — young age — quite permissibly to experiment and with the bright, shouting flowers. Youth — is the period when similar “rebellious” experiments look harmoniously and don’t harm to an image.

And here is how to dye a hair henna and basmy and as it is correct to make it, information from article will help to understand.

For those who wants to learn how to dye a hair in two colors and by means of what paint, it is worth following the link in contents of article.

As it is correct to carry out painting of hair of a hairdress of a caret in two colors and by means of what paint. it is specified in this article.


As a choice of paints now really huge, not to become puzzled in this variety, use professional consultation of the stylist who works in this shop. Through joint efforts the probability of selection of the most suitable color increases.

If you are painted independently, surely observe the instruction which goes to paint. Thus you don’t do much harm to a head of hear, and the result of coloring will please you.

Instead of uniform coloring it is possible to choose such technicians, as to an ombra, highlighting or a kolorirovaniye. All of them are in own way interesting, paint not all head of hear, but some locks selectively that creates beautiful texture of hair, does a hairstyle stylish and fashionable. The easy negligence peculiar to such colourings, too promotes creation of a modern actual image. Besides these receptions, as a rule, go to girls and men with any color of eyes and hair.

We considered the most popular ideas on coloring of hair in different shades. Now it is clear that to any color of eyes and type of appearance it is possible to pick up the most suitable tone of hair. Therefore experiment, change and strike surrounding stylish, fashionable images.

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